April 2015

Event Services: Boston Marathon Event Set-Up

2015 Boston Marathon Set-up in Action

AMI Graphics' event services team headed down to Boston, MA to help the Boston Athletic Association transform the Boston area and the 26.2 miles of road out to Hopkington into the 119th Boston Marathon.  The weekend is one we look forward to each year, we are proud to be a part of one of the most celebrated events in Boston and beyond. 

Get a behind the scenes look at the transformation of Boylston Street into the Boston Marathon and watch the finish line area come together to get ready for the over 36,000 running rockstars, who ran in some of the toughest New England weather! 

Congratulations to all the runners this year - from the elite to the first time marathoners!  It was not an easy day to run, you should all be so proud!

 Click here for more behind the scenes action! AMI Graphics Flickr


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AMI Now Offers a Park Map Smartphone App

AMI Now Offers a Park Map Smartphone App

In this day and age there is an app for just about everything. From business and education, to entertainment and lifestyle, there are hundreds of apps available at the palm of your hand. Among all of these, navigational apps are among the most useful. Handheld paper maps are becoming more obsolete as people turn to greener, and more convenient forms of navigating. Whether it’s a road trip, or simply trying to find a new coffee shop, people use apps to get to where they need to go. So why not use that technology to turn your park map into an app?

With Amusement Media’sAMI’s new Park Map Smartphone App, you can turn your existing park map into an app compatible with both Apple iOS and Android operating systems.  We’ve developed two packages as well as add-on features to cater to your park’s specific needs. All apps include GPS location marked on the map, drag to scroll and pinch to zoom navigation, as well as park information.


Another package includes the features listed above as well as point to point navigation, touch location for details, and the ability to find bathrooms, first aid, and guest services. Regardless of package, the Park Map App is always convenient and user friendly.

At Amusement MediaAMI we promise quick turnaround time and a great, budget friendly app. Summer is just around the corner, and with it, large crowds. Kickkick-off this busy season with a brand new custom Park park Map map smartphone aApp! Contact us today to get started!

Click here to learn more about our Park Map Smartphone App offerings!


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Product Showcase: Pop Up Media Backdrops

Stand out at your next press conference or media event with our new, custom Pop Up Media Backdrops.  Whether it’s a pre or post-game press conference, or introducing a new player to the public, coaches and their athletes interact with the media in front of a backdrop prominently displaying their team’s logo or sponsors. Backdrops are not just limited to sports! Line the red carpet at an event, or simply create photo opportunities for your customers, Media Backdrops are extremely versatile.

AMI offers custom Pop Up Media Backdrops that come with a lightweight frame system that works seamlessly with the fabric backdrop to ensure a sleek and stylish solution to your backdrop needs. The frame is designed to be collapsible which allows for an easy set up and breakdown.  The backdrop itself is made of high quality fabric to ensure a professional look that will stand the test of time.  Each Pop Up Media Backdrop comes with a case that allows you to easily store the frame and backdrop (still attached) between events. 

Call us today to get started on your Pop Up Media Backdrop for your next media event!

-The AMI Team

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Racing Season is Here!

After a long winter, racing season is finally just around the corner. What better way to gear up for the season with a fresh Trackside Billboard?

Trackside Billboards

We have years of experience under our belt and are ready to provide you with innovative ideas to brand any part of your facility. Our state of the art production facility has the capability to produce larger than life signage to turn your track into a sponsor showcase.

Call AMI today to start getting your track in shape for race day!

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Project Highlight: Maine Medical Custom Information Wall

Waldo County General Hospital’s Cardiopulmonary Department needed a practical place for their customers to find information about the department and their services. A basic information board wasn’t going to cut it, so they turned to the signage experts at AMI Graphics for a custom, innovative solution.

It’s easy to get lost in endless information in the health care industry so we wanted to deliver an eye-catching product that was also practical so customers could find the information they were looking for quickly and easily.

Maine Medical Information Board

The Customized Informational Wall that we delivered took run of the mill information boards up a notch. Standoff hardware was used to highlight the department’s headline and layered to give the sign a 3D look. Text was also directly printed to a unique wooden substrate to add to the visual appeal of the wall. We also knew that information that the Department needs to communicate changes frequently so special panels were installed to the wall to help with easing the task of updating information. The information board was so successful in the Cardiopulmonary Department that Waldo County General Hospital rolled them out in all other departments to convey information and display certifications, as well as using them internally to inform and educate their staff.

Waldo County General Hospital Information Board for Certifications

Waldo County General Hospital Education Information Board


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