January 2017

AMI Park Maps

Give Your Facility Maps A Fresh Look For the Coming Season

When people arrive at a new facility, whether a college or university, sports facility, amusement park or public event, they look for guidance in finding their destination. Facility maps play a vital role in the way that patrons interact with the facility and the total guest experience.

AMI Graphics, with the talent of our company's Creative Department, is able to design beautiful, to-scale maps showing off your entire facility with precise detail. These images can be created from scratch, done with site surveys and online tools, or we can take existing outdated maps and give them a new look.

While these map illustrations can seem like a large undertaking, it is important to take into account the many aspects that set AMI apart:

Clients play an active role during the map design process, including all costs being laid out at the beginning, leaving no surprises down the road. A vital part of making a quality final product is feedback throughout, making sure your comments are heard and taken into account at every step.

AMI Park Maps Whales Tale

When you have a facility map created by AMI, you will own all map illustration files and are free to do what you please with them, whether using the map file to create large boards, handouts, or online. We also create all maps as vector files, allowing you to scale the art to any size while maintaining a crisp image.

Once created, we have the ability to make edits in the future to your design, which is a much more cost effective and timely option than designing a new map.  

If you have a current display of your map, but it has become weathered with old age, we can also print your current design to give it a new look or display it in a new way. At the Head of The Charles Regatta, course layout maps were printed on free-standing displays, showcasing the map in a new way and adding flexibility to where event organizers could place maps.

Head Of The Charles Signage

At Storyland in Bartlett, NH maps were redesigned to help give guests a better idea of location and spacing, as well as make the experience easier for all guests. AMI was able to use information from the park, online resources, the existing map, as well as a short site survey to create this stunning final product.

facility maps
Head of the Charles
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Facility Maps

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Seawolves Windscreen

Transform Your Park With Custom Mesh Windscreens

Mesh Windscreens can serve many purposes for a baseball team, both visually and functionally. Windscreens are a durable material well suited for outdoor use. Due to the small perforations in the material, they allow a small amount of air through, while not letting the wind pull away the banner. The perforations are small enough however to still give a crisp, high-quality image on the material. The mesh banners serve the purpose of covering up unsightly areas, giving teams a way to cover storage areas, as well as brand new areas and increase sponsorship opportunities. Many teams utilize mesh windscreens for a multitude of uses, and the custom final results have been outstanding.


In Rhode Island, the Pawtucket Red Sox used windscreens in a variety of ways around the park to improve the fan experience. At the entrance, a large banner is hung to show the stadiums colors and logo, as well as promote the team.On the stairway to the upper sections of the bleachers, a large banner was hung to show the team's success as well as protect the fans from the wind while in the open stairwell.

PawSox Windcreen Large

Small banners were hung on chain link fence closing off the empty area behind the bleachers, creating a storage area while unseen to patrons.

PawSox Windscreen

For the Lowell Spinners, mesh windscreens were placed on the outside of the entrance gates to the stadium. These showed off the team, as well as promoted the future hosting of the All-Star Game. Windscreens were also used to recognize former players that have made it to the Major Leagues.

Lowell Spinners Windscreen

The Erie Seawolves used three large windscreens to add stadium branding at their main entrance. The banners showed off the Seawolves logo as well as the UPMC Park logo. This gave the entrance a new look and elevated the fan experience.

Seawolves Windscreen

In Durham, North Carolina the Durham Bulls created a barrier on the gates of the park, which closed off the inside of the stadium from the outside. These mesh banners showcased the Bulls logo and their website, while also providing wind protection for fans on the main level.

Durham Bulls Windscreen
mesh banner
sponsor signage
Vinyl, Cloth, and Mesh
Large Banners
Fan Zone Windscreen

Elevate your Racetrack Experience With Windscreens

Mesh Windscreens are a functional piece of signage that perform well in high wind applications. Because they have small perforations across the mesh banner material, the wind can pass through it with ease, unlike vinyl and cloth banners. This keeps the mesh banner from catching the wind and makes it the perfect fit for barricade covers and outdoor event signage.

Windscreens are a great way to dress up bland spaces, as well as showcase sponsors and events. Windscreens offer a lucrative advertising space for advertisers, as well as turn unsightly spots, like bleachers and fencing, into attractive branded areas. In both traditional racing environments as well as short-term events, people have seen fantastic results.

At Stafford Motor Speedway, mesh windscreens were used to boost awareness and increase ticket sales for an upcoming event, being placed on the back of bleachers.

Stafford Mesh Windscreen

On the outside of the stadium, Auto Club Speedway was able to create a separate spectator area, which then gave them the ability to increase sponsorship opportunities while elevating the fan experience from the moment they arrive. The fan area was made visible with windscreens printed in vibrant colors, which made them pop even on overcast days.

Auto Club Stage Banners

Inside the track, mesh windscreens were also used to create a branded fan area which offered more sponsorship opportunities to the track, while giving spectators a new vantage point of the track. A backdrop for a musical stage was also made with mesh windscreens, which offered live performances on race day.

At New Hampshire Motor Speedway, the track branded itself by adding mesh windscreens to the back of the spotting towers. They also used large windscreens on the backside of bleachers to continue the brand presence with their slogan “Live Free and Race”, as well as showcase other sponsors. The large windscreens also helped to cover some of the metal structure of the stands, which improved the outside appearance of the bleachers to fans.

NHMS Live Free And Race

For special events like Red Bull Frozen Rush, windscreens were placed on fencing to create a barricade cover, as well as show off sponsors and help direct the fans. A finish line was also made with a truss system and mesh banners to create a branded spectacle that would draw attention.

mesh banner
Auto Club
Media Backdrops
Temporary Signage
AMI Graphics' Baseball Signage Planning Guide Infographic

Get Ready For Baseball Season with Our Baseball Signage Planning Guide

The holidays have come and gone and while it is still cold and snowy in many parts of the country, now is the time to plan for baseball season! With extensive experience in providing baseball signage to professional, collegiate, and recreational baseball teams and facilities around the country, our Baseball Facility Signage Planning Guide is a comprehensive and interactive resource to help get all areas of your stadium ready for opening day.

While certain areas of the ballpark present themselves as an obvious place to add sponsor signage, stadium branding, and other types of baseball signage such as outfield walls or concession areas, there are almost endless opportunities for stadium signage in less conventional spaces. Our detailed guide walks you through each general area of your stadium from on-field to seating area, concourses, clubhouses, and more, while suggesting potential signage applications that could be applied to your specific ballpark. Ideas include: dugout top banners, custom tarp covers, concession stand signs, mascot cutouts, wall murals, custom displays, dimensional signage, baseball windscreens, and many others.

Click here to download our free Baseball Facility Signage Planning Guide and get started planning for your season today!

AMI Graphics is proud to be the Official Signage Supplier to Minor League Baseball.

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Baseball Facility Planning Guide
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University of Georgia Project Highlight

Project Highlight: The University of Georgia Athletic Facility Branding

The University of Georgia is home to the Bulldogs, and while they are known for their football team, they also have many talented Division I NCAA teams. They are able to attract players from across the nation, as well from every corner of the globe, including Argentina, South Africa, Poland, and Sweden.

Starting in 2013, The University of Georgia partnered with AMI Graphics to give their many athletic facilities a fresh, new look, as well as keep a cohesive brand across the campus. Sanford Stadium, where the football team plays its home games, began as the first main project done to update the look of the facility. The crew at AMI conducted a site survey and proposed putting a large mesh windscreen behind the iconic bulldog statue in the stadium, as well as adding other vinyl banners around the stadium entrances and over the exposed gates.

UGA Stadium Banner

Pleased with the results, the Bulldogs then decided over the next few years to update some other facilities. In the winter of 2014, the Equestrian Complex was outfitted with both large and small vinyl banners, showing off the accomplishments of the 6-time national champions. The facelift also included window decals showing the university and bulldog logo, as well as the team’s schedule for the upcoming season.

UGA Equestrian Banner

UGA Window Decals

When the baseball team got a newly renovated facility at Foley Field, the first and third base lines were branded with mesh windscreens which show off the school's logos. The signage was able to give the new space a feeling similar to other facilities on campus and helping draw fans in to support the Diamond Dogs.

UGA Baseball Windscreens

At the Dan Magill Tennis Complex, the fencing behind the baselines was fitted with mesh windscreens as well, which updated the weathered solid black windscreens.

UGA Tennis Windscreen
At the Turner Soccer Complex, the sidelines and windows continued the theme from other facilities, adding window graphics with designs featuring the beloved Bulldog logo like those at the Equestrian Complex and mesh windscreens similar to those for the baseball field. By using the same design in multiple facilities, fans can feel the cohesiveness of the University of Georgia brand, no matter which sport they are watching.

UGA Soccer Windows
Georgia worked with AMI to help rebrand old facilities and give them a facelift or to make new facilities feel like a part of the Georgia campus. From branding in and around Stanford Stadium on the field and at the gates, to showing off accomplishments of the many championship caliber teams, the University of Georgia was able to give the entire campus a united appearance.

University Of Georgia
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Stadium branding
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Vinyl, Cloth, and Mesh
AMI Ski Wall Murals Window Graphics

Maximize Blank Space with Wall Murals and Window Graphics

When looking at any place of business, people are often intrigued and influenced by storefront signage.  Window graphics give businesses a chance to take a normally empty area and showcase both products and branding. Window graphics are also a great opportunity for business to partner with brands to give them coveted space consumers will view. Inside a shop, wall murals offer a unique opportunity to highlight the stores individual brand, as well as continue the partner's presence from the outside storefront into the store itself.

Some retail store are able to use retail signage to draw in customers and alert them to new or different products they may be carrying. In Ludlow, VT at Tygart Mountain Sports, there was an opportunity to use the empty window space to add a presence, to show consumers what brands could be found inside. These main windows are not only visible to the people entering the store, they are highly visibility from the road making them the perfect spot for branding. Tygart Mountain Sports worked with AMI Graphics to create a custom signage solution for their storefront using window graphics. These custom graphics included, single pane images, as well as multi window images.

TYgart Sports Windows

At The Ski Haus in Burlington, MA, the clothing brand Obermeyer saw the opportunity to make a big first impression inside their shop using wall branding. Having worked with the team at AMI Graphics before, Obermeyer was able to revamp older wall murals. Using new graphics and a new color palette, they were able to give the store a completely refreshed feel. Obermeyer used a large curved wall mural to lead consumers into a new section of the store pushing them back toward specific merchandise, as well as some murals strategically placed graphics the high visibility areas to attract the consumers eye.

Obermeyer Wall Mural

Wall murals and window branding both share a role in the creating a presence and feel within a retail shop or store front. Though they sometimes go unnoticed, wall and window graphics will always help connect a brand to the consumer. AMI Graphics glady works with businesses and companies of all sizes, and will customize signage solutions for each individual case. If you would like more information, get in touch with one of our experienced account managers and see what we can do for you.

Ski Haus
wall mural
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Window Graphics
Wall Murals

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