March 2017

AMI Concession Signage

Give Food Vendors a Fresh Look With Concession Signage

Food is a main part of the fan and guest experience when at a restaurant or sporting event. Whether a customer is ordering quick premade food, or ordering from a menu at a restaurant with food served to a table, each environment presents unique signage opportunities that can enrich the guest experience. Signage can range in materials, a variety of options are available depending on individual needs and the final application.

Many concession signs are made from a custom design, letting the menu pop off the background and entice people to order. Popular foods and current promotions can be highlighted to increase sales and awareness. Traditional menus are printed directly to the surface, perfect for when options will remain the same for a longer period of time. Strategically placing these signs can also give the option to put promotions on center stage.

Mets Concession Singage

Concession signs can also be made to be more versatile by adding Velcro or slide-in panels to change menu options and prices. At the Franx stand for the Tulsa Drillers, large panels were adhered with Velcro, allowing menu items to be rotated at their discretion.

Franx Concession Signage

By printing product logos on chalkboard or whiteboard surfaces, branded signage can be used and allow for easier rotations of menu options ranging from beers and soups to special events. The Lakewood BlueClaws branded their outdoor picnic area by adding a chalkboard surface to dimensional signage, allowing it to be customized depending on the event or group attending.

BlueClaws Menu Board

While the menu and the prices are important, ambiance and the guest’s impression of the facility when ordering is equally important. Awareness can be increased, and different concepts can be made clear by adding signage around the outside of a stand or inside a restaurant seating area, such as adhesive wall murals, banners, and dimensional signage.

At the Boston House of Pizza, a wall mural was added to an empty wall within the seating area, allowing the restaurant to break up blank spaces on the walls, as well as show off their partnership with Northeastern University. At the Samuel Adams tasting room, a large wall mural was placed on the wall to showcase the wide range of beers they offer.

Boston House Of Pizza Brand Signage

Samuel Adams can also be seen using these signage solutions to make their beer stands and bar concepts stand out in areas such as arenas and airports. Adding dimensional signage and adhesive graphics can make these areas feel much more personal while increasing their branding presence.

Samuel Adams Flint Airport Signage

Samuel Adams Beer Color Chart

Signage can also be applied to moveable pop-up stands, and concession carts can be uniquely branded to enhance the look of these mobile food service areas.

Samuel Adams Cart Signage

The Coe-Brown Bears applied an adhesive wrap to their vendor gates, promoting team spirit when the concession area is closed to the public.

Coe-Brown Concession Signage

The University of New Hampshire used graphic wraps to add school branding to vendor carts in the Whittemore Center Ice Arena.

University of New Hampshire Concession Carts
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Spotify Promotional Flags and Branded Tent

Boost Your Brand with Advertising Flags

Promoting your brand at events, festivals, tradeshows, and similar venues can pose a challenge as space and ground surface is often unknown. Advertising flags are a versatile signage solution that makes promoting your brand and catching the eye of prospective customers simple and easy whether you are using them for a specific promotion or routine advertising.

Promotional flags come in multiple sizes and shapes, with various base options depending on where they will be located, to increase your brand’s exposure and visibility.

Advertising Flag Sizing and Style Graphic

Advertising flags provide businesses with a big impact promotional tool with a small footprint that allows them to be placed almost anywhere. Alpine Adventures in northern New Hampshire chose to use promotional flags along the sidewalk outside of their business to promote their zipline and snowmobile tours. As a bonus, they can use the same hardware in the spring and summer seasons and swap out the snowmobile wind flag in order to promote a warm weather attraction.

Alpine Adventures Roadside Advertising Flag

Alpine Adventures Road Side Wind Flag

When looking for an easy and portable way to promote their organization, the Teton Botanical Garden turned to promotional flags that would allow them to promote their brand at a variety of events and locations including farmer’s markets, festivals, and community events. The wind flags are lightweight and easy to breakdown for convenient transportation between events.

Teton Botanical Garden Tear Drop Flags

Events can benefit greatly from the versatility of promotional flags. Road races, sporting events, concerts, racetracks, and more are able to take advantage of promotional flags to promote their brands, highlight sponsors, or serve as wayfinding and operational signage.

Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California, used extra-large wind flags on top of pedestrian bridges to promote a high profile sponsor while adding visual appeal to the large steel and concrete structures.

Auto Club Speedway Promotional Flags

Auto Club Speedway Wind Flags

Rodale Events used wind flags at their Heartbreak Hill Half & Festival to canvas the area with event branding at the start/finish line and throughout the festival grounds to add to the event’s atmosphere.

Heartbreak Hill Starting Line Wind Flags

Heartbreak Hill Festival Advertising Flags

Wind flags serve as mile markers along the course of the Vermont City Marathon in Burlington, Vermont. Their light weight allow them to be easily transported and set-up by their operations crew while their ability to withstand moderate weather conditions means that the event organizers have one less thing to worry about on race day.

Vermont City Marathon Wind Flag Mile Marker

USA Fencing takes full advantage of the height of promotional flags and uses them as wayfinding signage to mark each fencing strip at their tournaments. Serving a dual purpose, these flags help competitors and spectators get to the right area while also promoting USA Fencing’s brand and adding to the event atmosphere.

USA Fencing Promotional Flag Wayfinding Signage

USA Fencing Tear Drop Flag

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UNH Wall Murals and Dimesional Lettering

Project Highlight: University of New Hampshire Wall Murals and Custom Signs

The University of New Hampshire Wildcats have a long history in athletics with the Wildcat name dating back to 1926. Recently, UNH has made major strides to show their dedication to the student and the student-athlete population, with two major renovations that were completed in the past year. Along with the growing success of the UNH Football program, the team started the 2016 season in the newly renovated Wildcat Stadium, and in January 2017, long awaited upgrades to the Hamel Recreation Center were completed. 

Throughout these renovations, UNH has looked to the team at AMI Graphics to visually enhance their spaces with signage and graphics without going over budget. In addition to these two renovations, when the athletic department wanted to give their multimedia room a new look, they once again turned to AMI for help. 

The Multimedia Room, located in the UNH Field House next to Wildcat Stadium, is used by the athletic department to hold team meetings, press conferences, and other athletic related meetings. Bland white cinderblock walls did not do the space justice, and made the room feel unwelcoming to guests.

UNH Wall Mural Custom Sign Collage

After conducting a site survey, the best solution to reinvent the space was to give the walls character and depth by using more than one signage type. A full adhesive wall mural was placed across the back wall, showing the new stadium upgrades from the past year.

UNH Wall Mural

Another wall mural was placed on an adjacent wall helping to breakup the white space and resembling the white and navy striping of UNH’s athletic jerseys. 

Once the wall murals were set, dimensional signage was placed on top to add text, while giving it a more dominant presence on the walls. This made the text literally pop off of the walls. 

UNH Dimensional Text

UNH Dimensional Lettering

In the corner of the room, extending across the wall, a dimensional sign of the UNH Wildcat logo gave the room a more prominent Wildcat brand presence. 

UNH Wildcat Wall Mural Custom Sign

In addition to the permanent upgrades in the multimedia room, a freestanding media backdrop was placed in the corner of the room to provide a backdrop for photos and press conferences. 

“The partnership we have enjoyed with AMI Graphics is more than evident in all of our recent projects whether it be the new Wildcat Stadium or the renovation of our multi-media/conference room. From design to execution, AMI is a leader in the field and best of all, works well with us and shares a vision that makes our facilities come to life.” - Marty Scarano, Director of Athletics, University of New Hampshire



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Media Backdrops

Practical Branding with Pole Banners

Light poles, telephone poles, and support columns are pervasive throughout everyday life. Whether driving down a street, walking on sidewalks or walkways, or in a parking lot, you will certainly come across a countless number of any type of street and light poles in one day. With that in mind, pole banners are a highly visible way to promote your company, brand, or upcoming events. They also provide an easy and effective way to enhance the functional, yet potentially unsightly, metal and wooden poles.

Customizable to any size and available in vinyl or cloth, pole banners are attached to poles via a hardware system. Once the desired hardware system is installed, the banners can be changed as often as needed to promote different events, seasons, or company logos. 

The Oncenter in Syracuse, New York, is a multipurpose facility consisting of meeting and exhibition space, a theater, and an arena. Covering three city blocks, The Oncenter hosts hundreds of events every year ranging from conventions to concerts to sporting events. Using light pole banners was an obvious choice for The Oncenter as it allows them with a simple and effective way to let the community know about upcoming events while also adding a pop of color to single color light poles.

The Oncenter Street Pole Banner

The St. Lucie Mets, a Minor League Baseball team in Port St. Lucie, Florida, also plays host to the spring training activities of the New York Mets. The St. Lucie Mets beautify the light poles throughout the entrance and exit areas of their park with branded pole banners. Once the New York Mets head north and St. Lucie begins their minor league schedule, the vinyl light pole banners are easily swapped from New York branding to St. Lucie branding.

St Lucie Mets Pole Banners

For facilities such as stadiums, arenas, shopping centers, and similar venues, large parking lots present a prime opportunity for pole banners as the need for proper lighting for patrons requires a greater number of light poles. The University of Michigan used light pole banners in the tailgate lots surrounding The Big House to show off their branding, promote their social media handle, and add to the atmosphere for fans, students, and players.

University of Michigan Parking Lot Pole Banner

University of Massachusetts-Lowell used light pole banners along the walkways surrounding their parking lots at the Tsongas Center, host to River Hawks hockey games, concerts, and more, to add visual appeal to the area while promoting the brands of both the University and the venue.

UML Tsongas Center Walkway Pole Banners

Street pole banners are also popular to among major events to promote the event leading up to the event date, while also serving to create a festive atmosphere during the actual event. The Head of the Charles Regatta places street pole banners along the Charles River course in the weeks leading up to their popular and historic rowing event. The vinyl banners, changing in design each year, have become so iconic that they frequently disappear as keepsakes. 

Head of the Charles Street Pole Banners

Head of the Charles Light Pole Banners

The Vermont City Marathon, one of the most popular events of the year in Burlington, Vermont, uses street pole banners to get residents excited for the event and greet runners coming into town for the race. 

Vermont City Marathon Light Pole Banner

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Aroma Joes Custom Dimensional Sign

Bring Logos and Text to Life with Dimensional Signage

Signage is a basic necessity for all types of businesses, whether it is simple vinyl lettering and small decals, full vehicle wraps, or a backlit sign for your reception area.  Signage puts your logo and information on display while attracting and informing customers. Custom dimensional signage is a great way to display your logo or intended messaging, either indoors or outdoors, while making it stand out above the crowd.

Adding dimension to text or signage doesn’t need to be complicated to be impactful. Ardent Support Technologies used custom cut dimensional text to display their logo prominently on a previously blank wall in their lobby. The main portion of their logo was adhered with spacers to lift it away from the wall to raise it further from the sub-text and give the sign a sophisticated look. 

Ardent Dimensional Sign

 Aroma Joe’s Coffee, a local coffee company with nearly 50 locations across two states, wanted a custom sign for one of their locations in Manchester, New Hampshire that would feature their logo in a creative way. This three layer sign combined four different material types, including vinyl lettering on a separate clear acrylic bottom piece, and quickly became the focal point for the location’s lounge area.

Aroma Joes Dimensional Sign

Challenged with a unique location that made the entrance to their restaurant difficult to find, The Spaghetti Stain used a two layer 3D sign shaped like an arrow to direct patrons to their entrance. Raised lettering and edging helped to catch the eye of those passing by.

Spaghetti Stain Custom Dimensional Sign

CJ Barrymore’s, a popular family entertainment center in Michigan, was looking to draw attention to new indoor attractions after a recent renovation. A simple two dimensional sign would easily get lost amongst the bright lights of the arcade games. Dimensional letters with LED lighting was the perfect solution to allow guests to find the new attraction without being overpowered by the lighting from the games.

Lighted Dimensional Sign

After adding a new party area at their ballpark, the Lakewood Blue Claws used a small but attention-grabbing dimensional custom sign attached to a pergola to draw fans to their brand new craft beer bar. Adding dimension to this sign allowed the Blue Claws to make the most of the small space they had to put the sign.

Lakewood BlueClaws Dimensional Custom Sign

Lakewood BlueClaws Dimensional Sign Close Up

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Golf Tournament Tent Decals

Event Highlight: The Chubb Classic

Part of the PGA TOUR Champions 2017 event schedule is The Chubb Classic, a nationally televised golf tournament held in Naples, Florida at the TwinEagles Golf Club.  With the golf course, clubhouse, ancillary facilities, exterior access points, and sponsor areas busy hosting a full week of events including practice rounds and Pro-Am Tournaments in addition to the main event, the need was high for prominent event signage with consistent branding.

The duration and nature of the events leading up to the tournament, as well as the tournament itself, created a need for on-site printing capabilities for last minute sponsor additions, wayfinding signage needs, and much more. To solve this problem, the AMI Graphics Event Services Team brought their mobile print shop down from New Hampshire to provide onsite creative design and printing services, in addition to providing signage installation services.

AMI Graphics Mobile Print Shop

AMI Graphics Mobile Print Shop

Custom decals were used to brand rental tents for hospitality and sponsor areas as well as the entrances providing access to the course viewing areas. 
Golf Tournament Tent Decals

Golf Tournament Tent Decals

Golf Tournament Tent Decal Installation

The main display featured the printed course map illustration, schedule of events, and a large presentation of all of the event’s sponsor logos.

Golf Tournament Sponsor Signage

Sponsor signage highlighting the main event name and sponsor were placed at prominent areas of the grounds to be visible to all spectators.

Golf Tournament Event Sponsor Signage

Custom wayfinding signage was used throughout all areas of the event to help direct both participants and spectators. Wayfinding signage also provides a functional way to continue event and sponsor branding through all areas.

Golf Tournament Wayfinding Signage

A custom display with promotional signage was used for a promotion to encourage spectators to get interactive with the event on social media.

Golf Tournament Promotional Signage

A staple of any event, especially a high profile televised event, is the media backdrop. A media backdrop provides a professional look for the post round live TV interviews and it also allows for increased sponsor exposure. 

Golf Tournament Media Backdrop

The AMI Event Services Team enjoyed their time on site in the Florida sunshine before having to return to snowy New Hampshire. They’re looking forward to getting the AMI mobile print shop back on the road to provide full onsite event signage services and installation at the next golf tournament.

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