May 2017

UTSA Cloth Banner Stadium Wrap

Improve Your Collegiate Stadium Branding

When entering a sports venue, one of the most important elements is the school and team presence. When adding stadium branding to facilities, not only does it improve the atmosphere for players and fans, but also can help to entice recruits.

Stadium branding can take on many different forms, depending on budget, venue type, and materials best suited for the job. Schools nationwide have trusted AMI Graphics to give their facilities the best treatment and help them fully display their school pride.

Auburn University transformed their softball and baseball fields by reimagining the pads surrounding the field. At Plainsman Park, they refaced their vinyl pad wraps, showcasing their baseball team’s accomplishments at the NCAA Regional and College World Series. Past players were also shown, including their year played, position, and accolades.   

Auburn University Baseball Vinyl Pad Wraps Championships

Auburn University Baseball Vinyl Pad Wraps Past Players

At Jane B. Moore Field, home of the Auburn University Softball team, they also replaced their vinyl pad wraps and adding creative graphics which showed both school and local pride. The pad wraps showed street signage for Magnolia Avenue, the main road that runs through the middle of the campus. The iconic War Eagle also can be seen on the outfield wall.  

Auburn University Softball Vinyl Pad Wraps Magnolia Ave

Auburn University Softball Vinyl Pad Wraps Outfield

Auburn University Softball Vinyl Pad Wraps Baseline

At Boston College, the Eagles revamped the signage around the Alumni Stadium, home to their football team, into a fully branded facility. At field level, new vinyl pad wraps were added to create a mural spanning the entire stadium. Large mesh banners were also hung to show successful past players. 

Boston College Football Stadium Branding

Boston College Alumni Stadium Mesh Banners

On the concourse, adhesive wall murals were placed above concession stands and fan shops, helping to add school branding and colors. Rough surface wall murals were also placed on concrete walls to add branding and color to the empty wall. Hanging vinyl banners also helped fans learn about the historic past of the Eagles players and coaches. 

Boston College Concourse Vinyl Banners

At Southern New Hampshire University, vinyl pad wraps were added to the inside of the school’s fieldhouse which showcased the school’s mascot and branding, as well as information to find them on social media. Above the court, large cloth championship banners were hung, showing the accomplishments of each one of the teams both in conference as well as in the NCAA tournaments.

Southern New Hampshire University Basketball Vinyl Pad Wraps

Southern New Hampshire University Cloth Championship Banners

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University of Northern Colorado Baseball Windscreen

Project Highlight: University of Northern Colorado Mesh Windscreens

Located less than an hour north of Denver in Greeley, Colorado, the University of Northern Colorado is a public university that serves over 11,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Hosting 19 varsity teams, the Bears have competed at the NCAA Division I level since they moved to the Big Sky Conference in 2006.

In 2015, UNC took on a rebranding initiative so there would be a uniform and consistent look across campus. This provided the Athletic Department with a prime opportunity to increase the UNC brand presence around their facilities, and they turned to AMI Graphics to help make the most of it.

Starting with Nottingham Field, home of UNC Bears football, UNC determined that mesh windscreens would be able to provide the big impact stadium branding solution that they were looking for while still keeping within their budget. Taking advantage of a tall chain link fence surrounding the entire stadium, UNC worked with AMI’s Creative Department to design a windscreen that gave the best representation for the new branding while also being aesthetically pleasing with the geography of the fence and stadium. The result was a design using the new logos and branding in a continuing pattern, instantly boosting school spirit and the atmosphere of their football games.

University of Northern Colorado Nottingham Field Windscreens in Distance

University of Northern Colorado Football Stadium Windscreens

The same design was then carried over to the Jackson Field and Gloria Rodriguez Field, home of the baseball and softball teams, with branded windscreens covering the outfield fences and giving the teams a true home field advantage.

University of Northern Colorado Baseball Windscreens

University of Northern Colorado Full Outfield Baseball Windscreens

University of Northern Colorado Softball Windscreens Outfield

University of Northern Colorado Softball Windscreens Baseline

The baseball team even got in on the installation fun, as players assisted with hanging the new windscreens!

University of Northern Colorado Baseball Windscreen Installation

The Butler-Hancock Tennis Complex also received visual enhancement from windscreens on the fencing surrounding the courts. As an added bonus, windscreens can help to provide privacy and wind protection.

University of Northern Colorado Tennis Windscreens

University of Northern Colorado Tennis Windscreens Distance

“Two years ago, the University of Northern Colorado went through a rebranding process so our look would be more uniform across campus. For athletics, this meant a great opportunity to strengthen the brand within our venues. We started by designing windscreens to wrap the end zones in our football stadium. AMI was a great partner in helping design the screens and ship them out quickly. Because the experience was so quick and easy, we decided to also use AMI screens to help brand our baseball, softball and tennis facilities. Now, the screens hype up the atmosphere in each facility, emphasizing Bear pride for our student-athletes and our fans.” – Kevin Robinson, Assistant Athletic Director – Facilities and Events, University of Northern Colorado

mesh windscreens
wind screen

Products Utilized:

College Windscreen Branding

Update Your Outdoor Facilities With Mesh Windscreens

Mesh windscreens are one of the most versatile and popular types of the banners used by colleges across the country. Not only do the small perforations in the material make windscreens well equipped for outdoor and high wind applications, but they also show exceptional image quality in the final print.

Windscreens can help colleges make the most of their space, and AMI Graphics has helped hundreds of schools brand their facilities and empty areas. While the material may be the same, the applications and uses are specific to each school.

At Dartmouth College, windscreens were placed along the fences at the Boss Tennis Center, showcasing the school’s logo and adding branding to the otherwise empty space.

Dartmouth Windscreen

The Big Green also added windscreens to the outfield wall at Biondi Park, which highlighted the conference branding of The Ivy League as well as the team's past success in the NCAA tournament.

Dartmouth Mesh Windscreen

Cal Poly combined the two above applications and used mesh windscreens at their tennis facilities to show off the school's logo and brand, as well as their men's and women's tennis teams’ NCAA success.

Cal-Poly Windscreen

Skidmore College added a colorful mesh windscreen to a bare fence that surrounded their main turf field, introducing school colors and branding.

Southern New Hampshire University used mesh windscreens along the interior of Larkin Field, which plays host to the soccer and lacrosse teams. The mesh banners added facility branding as well as showcased the team’s conference and NCAA tournament success.

SNHU Windscreen

Mesh windscreens were also placed along the outside of tennis courts at the entrance of the campus, showing all of their athletic championships in the NE-10 conference.

Southern New Hampshire Windscreen

At the main entrance of Alumni Stadium at Boston College, mesh banners were placed in small openings on the concourse showing the school's branding as well as honoring past players and their accomplishments.

Boston College Windscreen


While the applications for windscreens are often seen in athletics, these banners can also be seen having success in other places across campus. At Culver Stockton College, a large mesh banner was placed at the entrance to Henderson Hall, their oldest and most iconic building on campus.

Henderson Hall Windscreen

At the University of Connecticut, a building renovation right next to the main road of the campus presented the need for construction fencing to close off the area. Rather than using a generic solid colored windscreen to block the area, UConn used the space to show their dedication to the campus and their constant reinvestment in the buildings and students.

UConn Windscreen

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