July 2017

AMI Graphics Dasher Board Graphic Installation

How to Install a Dasher Board Graphic

Dasher board graphics, signage placed on the highly visible rink boards around the ice surface, are an essential piece of arena signage when it comes to both sponsorship and branding opportunities. Today, most dasher board graphics are digitally printed to an adhesive material that is then directly applied to the rink board. Installing an adhesive rink board graphic can seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out our step by step tutorial below on how to install an adhesive dasher board graphic. 

This tutorial was done with DashMax™ Dasher Board Graphics, AMI Graphics’ propriety adhesive dasher board graphic, which was specifically developed and tested to withstand the temperature fluctuations, moisture, and wear and tear of game play all season long. Please make sure to thoroughly clean any residue or moisture off of the dasher board before beginning installation.

Step 1
Unroll the dasher board graphic and remove a portion of the backer from the adhesive graphic.

AMI Graphics Dasher Board Installation Remove Backer

Step 2
Align the top left corner of the dasher board graphic, referencing the top of the boards for a leveling point.

AMI Graphics Dasher Board Graphics Installation Align 1st Corner

Step 3
Apply pressure to the first end of the dasher board graphic to adhere it to the boards.

AMI Graphics Dasher Board Graphics Installation Apply Pressure

Step 4
Remove the remaining backer from the dasher board graphic.

AMI Graphics Dasher Board Installation Remove Remaining Backer

Step 5
Align the top right corner of the dasher board graphic, referencing the top of the boards for a leveling point.

AMI Graphics Dasher Board Installation Align 2nd Corner

Step 6
Using a squeegee, adhere the rest of the dasher board graphic to the boards in a middle-up, middle-down motion from one end to the other, "chasing" any bubbles to the edge of the dasher board graphic if necessary.

AMI Graphics Dasher Board Graphic Installation Squeegee

AMI Graphics Dasher Board Graphic Installation Finished Dasher

Click here to view a corresponding video tutorial showing the full dasher board graphic installation process. AMI Graphics also offers full installation services for dasher board graphics as well as almost every other type of arena and facility signage.

Need to share this step by step tutorial with a colleague? Click on the image below to download a printable PDF of the Dasher Board Graphic Installation Guide.

AMI Graphics Dasher Board Graphic Installation PDF Download

Check out our free, interactive Arena Signage Planning Guide to see additional arena signage suggestions to complement your dasher board graphics and take your facility to the next level. Download it here!

Dasher board graphics
dasher board graphics installation
Dasher Board Graphics

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AHL All-Star Game Prined Under Ice Logos

Gain Efficiency with Digitally Printed Under Ice Logos

Under Ice Logos are valuable pieces of real estate for any ice arena. Painted or placed underneath the ice, under ice logos provide a high visibility location for sponsor logos or team and arena branding. Under ice logos can either be painted into the ice using ice paint after outlining the logo with a paper stencil and chalk, or a digitally printed graphic on ice mesh or a specific type of cloth frozen underneath a layer of ice. While painted logos have been the traditional form of under ice logos, digitally printed under ice logos have been continually increasing in popularity due to numerous benefits. 

Albany Printed Under Ice Logos

One major advantage of digitally printed under ice logos is the reduced number of steps in the installation process. While painted in ice logos require measuring, taping, chalking, painting (often in multiple colors), drying, and freezing over, digitally printed ice logos only require measuring, laying out flat, and freezing over. The reduction of installation steps with printed under ice graphics greatly reduces the time and labor hours required for installation which is a major benefit and cost saver for facilities of all sizes. The faster turnaround on the installation and removal of digitally printed under ice logos also makes them ideal for events, such as tournaments, competitions, or all-star games, where a quick logo turnaround is needed.

Digitally printed under ice graphics also have an associated long-term cost benefit as well. When properly installed, removed, and stored, digitally printed under ice logos can be used for multiple seasons. While the stencils for painted under ice logos can be used year after year, there will always be an additional expense for the corresponding ice paint.

In need of installation information and tips? Click on the corresponding images below to download a step by step installation guide for either digitally printed under ice logos or painted in ice logos. 

AMI Graphics Printed Under Ice Logo Installation Guide Download           AMI Graphics Painted Under Ice Logo Installation Guide Download

Under ice logos are only one piece of the arena signage puzzle. Take a look at our free, comprehensive Arena Signage Planning Guide for different ideas on how to take your facility to the next level with branding and sponsor signage. Download it here!

under ice logos
printed under ice logos
Under Ice Graphics
Under Ice Logos

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AMI Graphics Arena Signage Planning Guide Graphic

Start Planning for Hockey Season with Our Free Arena Signage Planning Guide

Even though it is the middle of summer, it’s time to start planning for the upcoming hockey and arena event seasons. With our extensive experience in providing ice arena signage to professional, collegiate, and recreational teams and facilities around the country, our Arena Signage Planning Guide is a comprehensive and interactive resource to help get all areas of your arena ready for opening night.

While certain areas of an arena present themselves as obvious locations to add sponsor signage, arena branding, and other types of arena signage and hockey graphics such as dasher board graphics or concession stands, there are almost endless opportunities for facility signage in less conventional spaces.

Our detailed guide walks you through each general area of your arena from the ice surface, seating bowl, concourses, lobbies and entrance areas, locker rooms, and more while suggesting potential signage applications that could be applied to your specific arena. Ideas include: stair riser decals, behind the bench graphics, mascot cutouts, wall murals, custom displays, building banners, and many others.

Click here to download our free Arena Signage Planning Guide, and get started planning for your season today!

AMI Graphics is proud to be the Official Supplier of Dasher Board Graphics and Arena Signage to the American Hockey League, the Exclusive Signage Supplied of the ECHL, the Preferred Signage Supplier to the TD Garden and Boston Bruins, and the Preferred Dasher Board Graphic Supplier of the New Jersey Devils.

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Boston College Championship Banners in Conte Forum

Project Highlight: Boston College Championship Banners

A private, liberal arts university founded by the Jesuits in 1863 in Boston’s South End and now located in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, Boston College is now home to over 9,000 full-time undergraduate students along with almost 5,000 graduate students. Fielding 31 varsity teams across men’s and women’s athletics, the Boston College Eagles compete at the Division I level in the Atlantic Coast Conference and Hockey East.

With a storied athletic history, Boston College has a plethora of championships, records, and successful athletes and coaches across many sports that deserve to be properly recognized. The main arena in Conte Forum, the heart of the Boston College Athletics program, is home to the men’s and women’s basketball and ice hockey teams, each with numerous accolades. Felt championship banners, moved from the demolished McHugh Forum and Roberts Center, have hung from the rafters of Conte Forum since it opened in 1988, displaying the success of each of the four teams. 

Boston College Old Championship Banners

Boston College Old Championship Banners from Side

Featuring former versions of the Boston College maroon and gold from decades ago, the Eagles were looking to give the Conte Forum rafters new life with championship banners more in line with the current BC branding.

After developing the final design, Boston College came to signage partner AMI Graphics for print production and signage installation services. The new championship banners were digitally printed on a soft knit cloth and matched to Boston College’s specific pantone colors. These cloth banners were double sided with the ability to display all accomplishments as well as to be viewed from either side of the facility. As an additional design element, the women’s teams’ accomplishments are displayed on banners with the gold background while the men’s teams’ accomplishments are featured on maroon banners.

Once the new championship banners were printed, AMI’s installation team removed the old, dusty felt championship banners and installed the sleek, new cloth championship banners in their place, instantly giving Conte Forum the look of a major renovation.

Boston College NCAA Championship Banners

Boston College Championship Banners Appearances

Along with highlighting conference and national championships, the new design allowed for more flexibility in being able to highlight individual player and coach accomplishments, and the new color scheme allowed for easy identification of men’s and women’s sports.

Boston College Retired Number Banners Left

Boston College Retired Number Banners

In addition to giving Conte Forum a fresh, new look, the modernized championship banners now serve as a centerpiece for championship celebrations and ceremonies inspiring past, present, and future Eagles.

Boston College Championship Banner Ceremony

championship banners
recognition banners
cloth banners
Championship Banners

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