September 2017

Minor League Baseball - Coroplast Instagram Frame Northwest Arkansas

Use Custom Signage to Increase Social Media Engagement

Started as a way for people to connect with one another, social media has grown from its initial purpose to a platform for businesses and organizations to promote themselves and connect with their desired fan base. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are now powerful tools that can be used to broadcast a message, educate followers, and entice them to buy a particular product or service or participate in an event. Promotional signage is a great way to help facilitate social media campaigns and online engagement for in-person participants at special or regular events.

Cutout Displays
Create a physical Instagram frame with an oversized signage cutout, encouraging fans to take a photo holding the frame with your social media handle and preferred event hashtags already on it and then share that photo via their own social media accounts. Social media cutouts are currently popular amongst colleges and professional sports teams. Minor League Baseball uses them for MiLB CommUNITY, an initiative started in 2016 to urge fans to promote unity, understanding, acceptance, and inclusion within their communities and expanding to other community service events in 2017. Check out “#MiLBCommUNITY” on social media for more photos and information on this program.

Minor League Baseball - Printed Instagram Frame

UNH - Printed Instagram Frame

Photo Backdrops
Photo backdrops are the perfect solution for providing a stationary place for people to take their photos at a special event. Similar to a media backdrop, these photo backdrops can serve as a portable photo booth alternative. A permanent photo backdrop could also easily be made using a wall mural or a permanently installed cloth banner. At an event last year, Runner’s World used a pop up media backdrop and frame with a step and repeat design as a backdrop for their GIF creation station. Attendees could pose with their friends in front of the photo backdrop and create their own GIF to share on social media.

Runners World - PopUp Backdrop for GIF Maker

Signage with Changeable Hashtags
A common concern amongst clients looking for promotional signage to use for social media campaigns and engagement is being able to cost-effectively change hashtags and campaign specific text from game to game or event to event without having to replace an entire sign. Changeable panels or adhesive patches are a great option if you know that you will need to change your promotional signage information frequently. The ability to easily change information can help you stay in budget while keeping your promotional signage perfectly customized for each event.

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Columbia University - Mesh Windscreens Sidewalk Side

Project Highlight: Columbia University Mesh Windscreens

Occupying more than six city blocks in Upper Manhattan, Columbia University is considered a prestigious university throughout the world. Home of the Lions, Columbia is an original member of the Ivy League and fields 31 NCAA Division I teams along with 40+ club and intramural sports. The Baker Athletics Complex is the main athletics facility for the Lions’ outdoor sports and features five different fields and associated stadiums, a tennis center, boathouses, a field house, and the brand new Campbell Sports Center.

The mesh windscreens throughout the Baker Athletics Complex were worn, faded, and in need of replacement. Looking to replace these windscreens, the Lions connected tasked AMI Graphics with the job of freshening up the old windscreen. Mesh windscreens allow athletic programs and facilities to add school branding and colors to blank and boring chainlink fences, while also providing privacy and a certain level of wind protection to the fields and courts behind the windscreens.

Columbia University - Mesh Windscreens Soccer Field

Wanting to use the new windscreens to recognize past program accomplishments in addition to showing off school branding, the design of the windscreen included sections of text listing championship seasons in addition to the school logos and facility names. AMI Graphics conducted a site visit to measure the fences where the windscreens would go while also making note of any possible obstructions. AMI’s talented creative design department manipulated the provided artwork in conjunction with the taken measurements to ensure that no text or logos would be blocked by any of the obstructions and that the spectators’ view of the important information was not impeded.

Columbia University - Mesh Windscreens Field Level

Due to the size of the windscreen panels, an additional line of grommets was added down the center of the windscreens, in addition to the standard reinforced hems with high wind grommets, to help prevent the mesh banners from pillowing in the high winds created by the surrounding city blocks.

On the areas of the complex where the fences lined sidewalks outside of the facility or entrance areas, Columbia used mesh windscreens on both the inside and the outside of the fence to continue school branding to those not within the complex. It also added an extra layer of privacy to the athletic fields.

Columbia University - Mesh Windscreens Soccer Stadium Sidewalk Side

Columbia University - Mesh Windscreens Entrance

The new windscreens were installed, and the result is a stunning display of school spirit and pride for the Columbia Lions.

"I can't say enough about the work AMI [Graphics] has done for us in the short time we have been doing business with them. Their turnaround time with big projects is awesome, and the quality of the product has made a significant difference in the look of our athletic facility. [Account Manager] Stacey MacKinnon's high level of customer service has made doing business with AMI very easy. I am looking forward to years of working with them on more projects." - Steven Figueroa, Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities and Events, Columbia University in the City of New York

Columbia University - Mesh Windscreens Soccer Stadium Pano


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Products Utilized:

TD Garden - Large Mesh Banner Building Banner

Product Highlight: Building Banners

Often overlooked as something commonplace and ordinary, the sides of buildings are actually a launching point for a powerful and versatile branding and marketing tool. Building banners, large banners attached to the outside walls of a building, are multipurpose as they can be used to showcase upcoming events, sponsors, or general branding, while also covering the blank and boring building walls or areas that may be undergoing construction or renovation.

Due to their larger size and typically high location, mesh banners with reinforced edges are used for large outdoor banners. For building banners hanging inside, a vinyl or cloth banner may be an acceptable substitute. Installation depends on the construction of the building façade. Building banners can be installed directly to the building with screws and washers, or in situations where the banner may need to be changed out more frequently, a steel cabling system is attached to the building allowing the large banners to be hung by clipping onto the cable.

Depending on construction of the building façade, building banners can be installed by attaching directly to the building with screws and washers or in some cases, a steel cabling system is attached to the building allowing for ease of changing out banners that are clipped to the cable.

The SNHU Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire uses building banners on the front of their facility to promote upcoming concerts and events. The large banners are visible from a distance to ensure they get the most impressions. They also add a pop of color over the full glass façade on the front of the arena.

SNHU Arena - Mesh Building Banner

The ECAC used a large outdoor banner at the Olympic Center in Lake Placid, New York to add branding to the plain white wall on the front of the building for their championship weekend.

ORDA - ECAC Building Banner

The Reading Royals used a mesh building banner to grab attention outside of their arena and advertise their upcoming season.

Reading Royals - Large Mesh Banner Building Banner

Choosing to take advantage of a blank brick wall on one of their primary campus buildings, Averett University in Danville, Virginia used a building banner to promote school pride on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the university’s founding.

Averett University - Large Building Banner

When Culver-Stockton College in Canton, Missouri wanted to add the school crest to Henderson Hall, the oldest building on campus, they chose mesh banners suspended between the iconic columns for a big impact visual upgrade to the historic hall.

Culver Stockton College Large Mesh Banners Building Banners

The Head of the Charles Regatta, the largest 2-day regatta in the world, canvasses the cities of Boston and Cambridge with event signage and branding leading up to the wildly popular race. In addition to vinyl pole banners lining the bridges over the Charles River, the Head of the Charles also takes advantage of the open spaces on the sides of their official hotels. This building banner on the side of the Lenox hotel can be seen for blocks and is a major branding and sponsorship tool for the event and hotel alike.

Head of the Charles Regatta Lenox Hotel Building Banner

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