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AMI Now Offers a Park Map Smartphone App

AMI Now Offers a Park Map Smartphone App

In this day and age there is an app for just about everything. From business and education, to entertainment and lifestyle, there are hundreds of apps available at the palm of your hand. Among all of these, navigational apps are among the most useful. Handheld paper maps are becoming more obsolete as people turn to greener, and more convenient forms of navigating. Whether it’s a road trip, or simply trying to find a new coffee shop, people use apps to get to where they need to go. So why not use that technology to turn your park map into an app?

With Amusement Media’sAMI’s new Park Map Smartphone App, you can turn your existing park map into an app compatible with both Apple iOS and Android operating systems.  We’ve developed two packages as well as add-on features to cater to your park’s specific needs. All apps include GPS location marked on the map, drag to scroll and pinch to zoom navigation, as well as park information.


Another package includes the features listed above as well as point to point navigation, touch location for details, and the ability to find bathrooms, first aid, and guest services. Regardless of package, the Park Map App is always convenient and user friendly.

At Amusement MediaAMI we promise quick turnaround time and a great, budget friendly app. Summer is just around the corner, and with it, large crowds. Kickkick-off this busy season with a brand new custom Park park Map map smartphone aApp! Contact us today to get started!

Click here to learn more about our Park Map Smartphone App offerings!


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