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Attract Foot Traffic with A-frame Sidewalk Signs

Team Store A-frame Sign Sandwich Boards

Brick-and-mortar businesses spend a great deal of energy and money working to get people in their doors, but the best answer might be something that’s right in front of them – literally. We’re talking about the sidewalk, and sandwich boards, which can be effective tools to encourage passersby to take notice of what offerings, deals or promotions are awaiting them within the business – provided they are persuaded to veer from their planned route.

Signs can be placed outside any business with a physical location - and especially those that experience natural foot traffic, like a café or boutique, or an indoor retailer at a mall. For those businesses without natural foot traffic, sandwich boards, also called a-frame signs, can help to identify your location for those who may be looking for you.

This type of signage can attract attention and sometimes even disrupt pedestrians from their usual route. Companies that change their messages regularly, or even occasionally, are more noticeable than something that never changes, such as the business sign or name. Some businesses use sandwich boards to convey the company’s personality, whether that’s sass or humor, along with their offerings.

Some companies consider a-frames like a modern version of that employee whose job it once was to attract visitors and personally invite guests inside restaurants and nightclubs, usually by promising all sorts of wonderful things and super deals. Though this kind of personal invitation can occasionally be effective with the right person and the right message, this position often was intrusive or annoying to a passer-by.

By comparison, a-frame signs can accomplish a similar goal more passively – and can be a better financial investment than paying someone to stand outside your business inviting people in.

Animal Rescue League of NH - Plastic A-frame Sign with Coroplast Print

AMI Graphics is excited to utilize our skills to help commercial businesses create the perfect type of a-frame sign to not only attract customers but emphasize their brand and visual identity. These efforts can range from starting from scratch with a new campaign or updating and re-energizing old signage that may be getting stale.

Ideal a-frame signs can:

  • Catch the attention of current and potential customers. Sandwich boards can display the day’s specials, provide an inspirational quote or a trivia question, or even alert customers to upcoming promotions. People who walk by it regularly or regular customers may even look forward to seeing different messages.
  • Provide information about current operations. Want to tell if a restaurant is open but can’t see inside? A sandwich board sign outside the business is a good clue that it’s ready for business.
  • Be portable. These types of signs are durable and sturdy, but they also can be easily lifted or moved around as needed, including put out in the morning and put away at night or relocated if the weather is especially fierce.
  • Be changed easily. These signs are built so it’s easy to switch out messages for any occasion, and allow businesses to quickly respond to any cues about the environment, inventory or seasons.  
  • Provide directional assistance. Even if you can’t see the actual address numbers, seeing a-frame signs outside the business you’re seeking can let you know you’ve reached your destination.
  • Increase foot traffic. People may naturally be hesitant to visit somewhere new. But a description of what’s inside on a sandwich board can increase interest and curiosity. Then, if what they experience meets or exceeds the promise of the sign, they’ll have no trouble coming back and telling their friends.
  • Move where needed. You’re pretty much stuck with your traditional stationary signs where they are located, but a-frame signs can be positioned or placed in different areas as needed.  You can even experiment which position or location may produce the best results. (There may be some local ordinances regarding how far out from your business a sandwich board can extend.)
  • Last a long time. Banners can get battered, especially if they’re always flying. But a-frames are built out of sturdy plastic that can withstand the elements.
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