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Give Your Facility Maps A Fresh Look For the Coming Season

AMI Park Maps

When people arrive at a new facility, whether a college or university, sports facility, amusement park or public event, they look for guidance in finding their destination. Facility maps play a vital role in the way that patrons interact with the facility and the total guest experience.

AMI Graphics, with the talent of our company's Creative Department, is able to design beautiful, to-scale maps showing off your entire facility with precise detail. These images can be created from scratch, done with site surveys and online tools, or we can take existing outdated maps and give them a new look.

While these map illustrations can seem like a large undertaking, it is important to take into account the many aspects that set AMI apart:

Clients play an active role during the map design process, including all costs being laid out at the beginning, leaving no surprises down the road. A vital part of making a quality final product is feedback throughout, making sure your comments are heard and taken into account at every step.

AMI Park Maps Whales Tale

When you have a facility map created by AMI, you will own all map illustration files and are free to do what you please with them, whether using the map file to create large boards, handouts, or online. We also create all maps as vector files, allowing you to scale the art to any size while maintaining a crisp image.

Once created, we have the ability to make edits in the future to your design, which is a much more cost effective and timely option than designing a new map.  

If you have a current display of your map, but it has become weathered with old age, we can also print your current design to give it a new look or display it in a new way. At the Head of The Charles Regatta, course layout maps were printed on free-standing displays, showcasing the map in a new way and adding flexibility to where event organizers could place maps.

Head Of The Charles Signage

At Storyland in Bartlett, NH maps were redesigned to help give guests a better idea of location and spacing, as well as make the experience easier for all guests. AMI was able to use information from the park, online resources, the existing map, as well as a short site survey to create this stunning final product.

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