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Highlight Sponsors or Branding with Outfield Signage

Erie SeaWolves Baseball Outfield Signage

In baseball or softball, one of the best opportunities for sponsor signage or stadium branding lies along the edges of the field of play. While the baselines and backstop’s proximity is close to the action, making it a prime signage location, the outfield wall also provides a large blank canvas for various types of signage. The prime visibility of the outfield wall is a must use option for outfield signage regardless of whether you have a solid wall, padded wall, or a chain link fence. Depending on the setup of the ballpark, an outfield wall can offer many options for different types of baseball signage.

The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp take full advantage of their outfield wall space with vinyl pad wraps. Vinyl pad wraps are custom sized for each stadium’s specific athletic wall padding and are a cost-effective sponsor signage solution as the graphics can be updated as needed without having to order new padding.

Jax Jumbo Shrimp Baseball Outfield Signage

 Vinyl pad wraps are also a great solution for branding your outfield (or backstop!) as they create a big impact way to show off team and school pride.

Auburn University Outfield Vinyl Pad Wraps

SNHU Backstop Vinyl Pad Wraps

The Portland Sea Dogs use a combination of outfield signage options at Hadlock Field. Their lower level billboards on the outfield wall are vinyl banners while above the wall, they use backlit signs to highlight specific sponsors like Norway Savings Bank.

Portland Sea Dogs Baseball Outfield Signs

At McCoy Stadium, the Pawtucket Red Sox use vinyl pad wraps to neatly protect their padded wall while also displaying sponsor logos. In order to add more sponsor inventory, vinyl banners are wrapped around an elevated wooden wall to create upper level billboards.

Paw Sox Baseball Outfield Signage

When looking to draw extra attention to a special sponsor, the Fresno Grizzlies decided to give their normal vinyl banner outfield billboards at Chukchansi Park an upgrade. The Save Mart billboard was designed to spread the desired artwork across the vinyl banner as well as a rigid extension that was cut to the shape of the artwork. The extension adds a dimensional look to the billboard while helping it to stand out among the other vinyl outfield billboards.

Fresno Grizzlies Baseball Outfield Billboard

For more outfield signage ideas or other ways to improve your stadium’s appearance or increase sponsorship revenue with signage, download our free, interactive Baseball Signage Planning Guide, and get started today.


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