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Brand Your Ballpark Exterior with Mesh Windscreens

Augusta GreenJackets Mesh Windscreen Stadium Exterior

First impressions count and a fan’s first impression when attending a baseball game is the outside of the stadium. Whether new or old, classic or modern style, the exterior of a ballpark sets the stage and can influence attendees attitudes before they even come through the gates. Fortunately, stadium signage options like mesh windscreens can help you to ace that first impression.

Mesh windscreens are a durable and affordable stadium branding solution. Mesh banners with digitally printed custom graphics and finished with reinforced edges for maximum durability, windscreens turn blank stadium exteriors and fences into a branding showcase. Their affordability and durability also makes them a good option promotional signage option to promote ticket sales, All-Star games, or headline events like concerts. Check out a few examples below of how windscreens can quickly transform the exterior of a ballpark without the cost of a major renovation.

For the annual Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, mesh windscreens featuring event branding were added to the exterior of the main tournament ballparks, Howard J. Lamade Stadium and Little League Volunteer Stadium. Rather than fans and competitors of the renowned summer event being greeted by blank cinderblock walls and steel support beams, attention is immediately drawn to the colorful mesh banners featuring player images. Not only does it visually enhance the stadium’s exterior and create a great first impression, it also adds to the excitement and energy of the high profile event. 

Little League World Series Mesh Windscreens Exterior

Little League World Series Mesh Windscreens Exterior Baseline

Little League World Series Mesh Windscreens Stadium Exterior Close Up

First Data Field, home to the Class A St. Lucie Mets as well as Spring Training for the New York Mets, used mesh windscreens on a long chain link fence stretching out from one of the stadium entrances and surrounding a turf surface for an affiliated athlete training program. This allows each team to promote ticket sales and branding, provides advertising, as well as privacy and wind protection, to the training program.

St Lucie Mets - Mesh Windscreen Exterior Fence

St Lucie Mets Mesh Windscreens Exterior

When looking to add stadium branding to the exterior of their ballpark, the Augusta GreenJackets used mesh windscreens to the areas underneath the grandstand to add color and life to what otherwise would be an unsightly area. The windscreens welcome fans into the ballpark while creating an appealing, consistent look across the exterior of the stadium.

August GreenJackets Mesh Windscreens Full Exterior

Augusta GreenJackets - Mesh Windscreens Stadium Exterior Close

Looking to visually enhance the exterior of your ballpark? Get in touch with one of our signage experts today for more information.

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