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Product Showcase: Pop Up Media Backdrops

Stand out at your next press conference or media event with our new, custom Pop Up Media Backdrops.  Whether it’s a pre or post-game press conference, or introducing a new player to the public, coaches and their athletes interact with the media in front of a backdrop prominently displaying their team’s logo or sponsors. Backdrops are not just limited to sports! Line the red carpet at an event, or simply create photo opportunities for your customers, Media Backdrops are extremely versatile.

AMI offers custom Pop Up Media Backdrops that come with a lightweight frame system that works seamlessly with the fabric backdrop to ensure a sleek and stylish solution to your backdrop needs. The frame is designed to be collapsible which allows for an easy set up and breakdown.  The backdrop itself is made of high quality fabric to ensure a professional look that will stand the test of time.  Each Pop Up Media Backdrop comes with a case that allows you to easily store the frame and backdrop (still attached) between events. 

Call us today to get started on your Pop Up Media Backdrop for your next media event!

-The AMI Team

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