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Project Highlight: University of Connecticut Athletic Signage Rebranding

UCONN Football Field Stadium Wrap

The University of Connecticut, located in Storrs, Connecticut, is home to many talented athletic programs. From their prolific Women's Basketball Team with a history of success, to their Men's hockey team who has, in the few years since creation, risen to become a competitive Hockey East program, UConn has an atmosphere of success. The Huskies have worked with AMI Graphics for a number of years on projects both large and small. These projects have updated the look of many of the athletic facilities, giving the campus a new feel and letting them show off their Husky pride. 

UCONN Championship Banners

In 2013, UConn launched a new version of the husky logo, resembling Jonathan the Husky. AMI was able to help with this new branding initiative with several signage updates around the campus, as well as off-campus athletic facilities, creating a new cohesive look.

At the Burton Family Football Complex, many adhesive wall murals have been placed, transforming the empty space into something the team can call home. Window graphics were used to showcase the updated Husky logo across multiple panes of glass.

UCONN Window Graphics

A large Rentschler Field wall mural was created using many panels to highlight the home of Husky football. 

At the practice field, mesh windscreens fill blank space to give a perpetual brand image, surrounding the field and showing Husky pride. 

UCONN Football Windscreen

At Rentschler Field, many additions were made to give the facility a uniform look. A large adhesive decal was placed on an archway in the stadium, including the team's logo as well as facility signage showcasing the stadium’s new branding. Pole banners were placed in the open, adding to the school’s presence at this off-campus venue. The most noticeable project, however, was the full field level stadium wrap, similar to the branding at the team's practice facility - only on a stage for all to see.


AMI worked with UConn’s sponsorship and branding team to design and install a clean looking product, giving both groups their desired final product. The banners were installed with a custom cabling system to allow their operations crew to easily remove and install for future seasons.  

UCONN Stadium Branding

At the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut, the team area was fully branded to give the feeling of home even when a half hour away from campus. Dimensional signage was placed on walls in hallways transforming the blank walls into works of art. Facility signage was also placed above the team lockers, perpetuating the values from the coaching staff to the players as they prepare to compete.

UCONN Locker Room Graphics

Rough surface adhesive graphics were also placed on the concrete walls, showing the team members and the Husky logo, as well as the team's continued success. 

UCONN Hockey Wall Mural

In the Werth Family Basketball Practice Facility for both men’s and women’s teams, championship banners are hung on the walls to show off the continued tradition and success that they have had. Vinyl banners are also hung showing personal accomplishments, such as the Player of the Year and All American honors. 

UCONN Championship Banners

Banners on a separate wall show off the NBA careers of former Huskies to show the past players who have had the opportunity to take their talents to a professional level. Not only is this inspirational for current athletes, but it can also be used to impress recruits.

UCONN Player Recognition Signage

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