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Project Highlight: University of New Hampshire Wall Murals and Custom Signs

UNH Wall Murals and Dimesional Lettering

The University of New Hampshire Wildcats have a long history in athletics with the Wildcat name dating back to 1926. Recently, UNH has made major strides to show their dedication to the student and the student-athlete population, with two major renovations that were completed in the past year. Along with the growing success of the UNH Football program, the team started the 2016 season in the newly renovated Wildcat Stadium, and in January 2017, long awaited upgrades to the Hamel Recreation Center were completed. 

Throughout these renovations, UNH has looked to the team at AMI Graphics to visually enhance their spaces with signage and graphics without going over budget. In addition to these two renovations, when the athletic department wanted to give their multimedia room a new look, they once again turned to AMI for help. 

The Multimedia Room, located in the UNH Field House next to Wildcat Stadium, is used by the athletic department to hold team meetings, press conferences, and other athletic related meetings. Bland white cinderblock walls did not do the space justice, and made the room feel unwelcoming to guests.

UNH Wall Mural Custom Sign Collage

After conducting a site survey, the best solution to reinvent the space was to give the walls character and depth by using more than one signage type. A full adhesive wall mural was placed across the back wall, showing the new stadium upgrades from the past year.

UNH Wall Mural

Another wall mural was placed on an adjacent wall helping to breakup the white space and resembling the white and navy striping of UNH’s athletic jerseys. 

Once the wall murals were set, dimensional signage was placed on top to add text, while giving it a more dominant presence on the walls. This made the text literally pop off of the walls. 

UNH Dimensional Text

UNH Dimensional Lettering

In the corner of the room, extending across the wall, a dimensional sign of the UNH Wildcat logo gave the room a more prominent Wildcat brand presence. 

UNH Wildcat Wall Mural Custom Sign

In addition to the permanent upgrades in the multimedia room, a freestanding media backdrop was placed in the corner of the room to provide a backdrop for photos and press conferences. 

“The partnership we have enjoyed with AMI Graphics is more than evident in all of our recent projects whether it be the new Wildcat Stadium or the renovation of our multi-media/conference room. From design to execution, AMI is a leader in the field and best of all, works well with us and shares a vision that makes our facilities come to life.” - Marty Scarano, Director of Athletics, University of New Hampshire



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