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Project Highlight: University of Hartford Mesh Windscreens

University of Hartford Mesh Windscreens and Vinyl Championships

A private, co-educational university located in West Hartford, Bloomfield, and Hartford, Connecticut, the University of Hartford is home to over 6,500 undergraduate and graduate students across more than 100 degree programs. A member of the America East Conference, the Hartford Hawks compete in 17 intercollegiate NCAA Division I sports.

After installing a new field surface for Al-Marzook Field at Alumni Stadium, the Hartford Hawks were looking for a way to dress up the plain black chain link fencing surrounding the perimeter of the turf field. The Hawks determined that mesh windscreens would allow them to create a significant visual impact to one of their main athletic facilities without breaking the bank. As an added bonus, windscreens can also provide a layer of privacy and wind protection.

The Hawks then reached out to AMI Graphics to make their signage vision a reality. With the provided measurements for the fences, AMI printed and produced the branded windscreens at their state-of-the-art print production facility. The mesh windscreens featured the Hartford Hawks logos and branding behind the goal lines. As a way to generate additional revenue, sponsors were featured on the wind screens along the sidelines. Instead of becoming an overwhelming mashup of colors with all the different sponsor logos, the Hawks chose to use all white logos on a black background to keep a consistent look and feel with the school branding across the entire windscreen.

AMI Graphics - University of Hartford Mesh Windscreens and Vinyl Championship Banners

AMI Graphics - University of Hartford Mesh Windscreens Sideline Sponsors

When thinking about design, the Hawks wanted a way to display their teams’ past successes. Since Al-Marzook field is home to multiple teams, AMI Graphics suggested using separate vinyl championship banners that could be used in conjunction with black windscreen behind them. By using the separate vinyl banners, the Hawks would be able to easily change the banners in and out depending on which team was in season and playing on the field. It would also allow for easy and cost-effective updates as their teams achieve more success. The contrast of the vinyl banners against the mesh windscreens also helps them to stand out.

AMI Graphics - University of Hartford Mesh Windscreens and Vinyl Banners

Once printed and finished at AMI Graphics’ state-of-the-art print production facility, the windscreens were installed onto the fences at Al-Marzook Field. The end result was a complete visual transformation of a black chain link fence that exceeded client expectations and will inspire student-athletes and excite fans for years to come.


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