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Maximize Blank Space with Wall Murals and Window Graphics

AMI Ski Wall Murals Window Graphics

When looking at any place of business, people are often intrigued and influenced by storefront signage.  Window graphics give businesses a chance to take a normally empty area and showcase both products and branding. Window graphics are also a great opportunity for business to partner with brands to give them coveted space consumers will view. Inside a shop, wall murals offer a unique opportunity to highlight the stores individual brand, as well as continue the partner's presence from the outside storefront into the store itself.

Some retail store are able to use retail signage to draw in customers and alert them to new or different products they may be carrying. In Ludlow, VT at Tygart Mountain Sports, there was an opportunity to use the empty window space to add a presence, to show consumers what brands could be found inside. These main windows are not only visible to the people entering the store, they are highly visibility from the road making them the perfect spot for branding. Tygart Mountain Sports worked with AMI Graphics to create a custom signage solution for their storefront using window graphics. These custom graphics included, single pane images, as well as multi window images.

TYgart Sports Windows

At The Ski Haus in Burlington, MA, the clothing brand Obermeyer saw the opportunity to make a big first impression inside their shop using wall branding. Having worked with the team at AMI Graphics before, Obermeyer was able to revamp older wall murals. Using new graphics and a new color palette, they were able to give the store a completely refreshed feel. Obermeyer used a large curved wall mural to lead consumers into a new section of the store pushing them back toward specific merchandise, as well as some murals strategically placed graphics the high visibility areas to attract the consumers eye.

Obermeyer Wall Mural

Wall murals and window branding both share a role in the creating a presence and feel within a retail shop or store front. Though they sometimes go unnoticed, wall and window graphics will always help connect a brand to the consumer. AMI Graphics glady works with businesses and companies of all sizes, and will customize signage solutions for each individual case. If you would like more information, get in touch with one of our experienced account managers and see what we can do for you.

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