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Ease Arena Special Event Logistics with Under Ice Logos and Temporary Dasher Board Graphics

AHL All-Star Game Center Ice Under Ice Logo with Face-Off

Special events are a great way to bring additional revenue into your arena, but the logistics of accommodating special event branding and temporary sponsors may seem overwhelming. If you have a special event coming in, or are thinking about hosting a special event, where branding and/or sponsors may need to be changed for the event, we have arena signage solutions that can help.

A great example of an incoming special event where branding and sponsors would need to be changed is an All-Star Game. Choosing the right type of under ice logos can make switching out your center ice and sponsor under ice logos for game specific ice logos a breeze. Significantly increasing in popularity in recent years, digitally printed under ice logos, digitally printed graphics on ice mesh or a specific type of cloth frozen underneath a layer of ice, offer many advantages over the traditional stencil and ice paint method for under ice logos both in general and in terms of special events. Digitally printed under ice logos require less steps in both the installation and removal process and can also be reused over and over at no additional cost, assuming proper installation, removal, and storage. The reduction of time and labor hours makes digitally printed ice logos ideal for events like All-Star Games or tournaments where quick turnaround of logos is required. With digitally printed under ice logos, a full rink of logos can be changed out in no time at all.

AHL All-Star Game Under Ice Logos

When it comes to dasher board graphics, temporary dasher board graphics are perfect for special events like All-Star Games and even short term events like tournaments and playoff series. Designed to be quickly and easily removed after a short period of time, temporary event dasher board graphics can be applied directly over your existing DashMax™ dasher board graphics and removed without a trace when the event is over. This allows you to cost-effectively rebrand your rink or sell separate event sponsorships, without requiring the replacement of your full rink of season sponsors.

AHL All-Star Game Temporary Dasher Board Graphics

We love talking about signage, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a special event coming into your arena. We’re happy to discuss the signage solutions that will best fit your needs.


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