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Transform Your Park With Custom Mesh Windscreens

Seawolves Windscreen

Mesh Windscreens can serve many purposes for a baseball team, both visually and functionally. Windscreens are a durable material well suited for outdoor use. Due to the small perforations in the material, they allow a small amount of air through, while not letting the wind pull away the banner. The perforations are small enough however to still give a crisp, high-quality image on the material. The mesh banners serve the purpose of covering up unsightly areas, giving teams a way to cover storage areas, as well as brand new areas and increase sponsorship opportunities. Many teams utilize mesh windscreens for a multitude of uses, and the custom final results have been outstanding.


In Rhode Island, the Pawtucket Red Sox used windscreens in a variety of ways around the park to improve the fan experience. At the entrance, a large banner is hung to show the stadiums colors and logo, as well as promote the team.On the stairway to the upper sections of the bleachers, a large banner was hung to show the team's success as well as protect the fans from the wind while in the open stairwell.

PawSox Windcreen Large

Small banners were hung on chain link fence closing off the empty area behind the bleachers, creating a storage area while unseen to patrons.

PawSox Windscreen

For the Lowell Spinners, mesh windscreens were placed on the outside of the entrance gates to the stadium. These showed off the team, as well as promoted the future hosting of the All-Star Game. Windscreens were also used to recognize former players that have made it to the Major Leagues.

Lowell Spinners Windscreen

The Erie Seawolves used three large windscreens to add stadium branding at their main entrance. The banners showed off the Seawolves logo as well as the UPMC Park logo. This gave the entrance a new look and elevated the fan experience.

Seawolves Windscreen

In Durham, North Carolina the Durham Bulls created a barrier on the gates of the park, which closed off the inside of the stadium from the outside. These mesh banners showcased the Bulls logo and their website, while also providing wind protection for fans on the main level.

Durham Bulls Windscreen
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