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TD Garden - Large Mesh Banner Building Banner

Product Highlight: Building Banners

Often overlooked as something commonplace and ordinary, the sides of buildings are actually a launching point for a powerful and versatile branding and marketing tool. Building banners, large banners attached to the outside walls of a building, are multipurpose as they can be used to showcase upcoming events, sponsors, or general branding, while also covering the blank and boring building walls or areas that may be undergoing construction or renovation.

Products Utilized:

AHL All-Star Game Prined Under Ice Logos

Gain Efficiency with Digitally Printed Under Ice Logos

Under Ice Logos are valuable pieces of real estate for any ice arena. Painted or placed underneath the ice, under ice logos provide a high visibility location for sponsor logos or team and arena branding. Under ice logos can either be painted into the ice using ice paint after outlining the logo with a paper stencil and chalk, or a digitally printed graphic on ice mesh or a specific type of cloth frozen underneath a layer of ice.

Products Utilized:

UTSA Cloth Banner Stadium Wrap

Improve Your Collegiate Stadium Branding

When entering a sports venue, one of the most important elements is the school and team presence. When adding stadium branding to facilities, not only does it improve the atmosphere for players and fans, but also can help to entice recruits.

Stadium branding can take on many different forms, depending on budget, venue type, and materials best suited for the job. Schools nationwide have trusted AMI Graphics to give their facilities the best treatment and help them fully display their school pride.

Products Utilized:

College Windscreen Branding

Update Your Outdoor Facilities With Mesh Windscreens

Mesh windscreens are one of the most versatile and popular types of the banners used by colleges across the country. Not only do the small perforations in the material make windscreens well equipped for outdoor and high wind applications, but they also show exceptional image quality in the final print.

Products Utilized:

AMI Concession Signage

Give Food Vendors a Fresh Look With Concession Signage

Food is a main part of the fan and guest experience when at a restaurant or sporting event. Whether a customer is ordering quick premade food, or ordering from a menu at a restaurant with food served to a table, each environment presents unique signage opportunities that can enrich the guest experience. Signage can range in materials, a variety of options are available depending on individual needs and the final application.

Products Utilized:

Spotify Promotional Flags and Branded Tent

Boost Your Brand with Advertising Flags

Promoting your brand at events, festivals, tradeshows, and similar venues can pose a challenge as space and ground surface is often unknown. Advertising flags are a versatile signage solution that makes promoting your brand and catching the eye of prospective customers simple and easy whether you are using them for a specific promotion or routine advertising.

Products Utilized:

Practical Branding with Pole Banners

Light poles, telephone poles, and support columns are pervasive throughout everyday life. Whether driving down a street, walking on sidewalks or walkways, or in a parking lot, you will certainly come across a countless number of any type of street and light poles in one day. With that in mind, pole banners are a highly visible way to promote your company, brand, or upcoming events. They also provide an easy and effective way to enhance the functional, yet potentially unsightly, metal and wooden poles.

Products Utilized:

Aroma Joes Custom Dimensional Sign

Bring Logos and Text to Life with Dimensional Signage

Signage is a basic necessity for all types of businesses, whether it is simple vinyl lettering and small decals, full vehicle wraps, or a backlit sign for your reception area.  Signage puts your logo and information on display while attracting and informing customers. Custom dimensional signage is a great way to display your logo or intended messaging, either indoors or outdoors, while making it stand out above the crowd.

Products Utilized:

Amusement Park Signage

Update Your Amusement Park's Image with New Facility Signage

Amusement Parks have the ability to create an experience that makes a guest feel like they are a part of the park. Each park is unique, and facility signage can create a lasting impression on guests and improve their park experience. 

AMI Graphics, with decades of experience in the amusement park industry, is here ready to help with a multitude of facility signage options to make your park standout, and give your guest the best possible experience. 

Products Utilized:

Erie SeaWolves Baseball Outfield Signage

Highlight Sponsors or Branding with Outfield Signage

In baseball or softball, one of the best opportunities for sponsor signage or stadium branding lies along the edges of the field of play. While the baselines and backstop’s proximity is close to the action, making it a prime signage location, the outfield wall also provides a large blank canvas for various types of signage. The prime visibility of the outfield wall is a must use option for outfield signage regardless of whether you have a solid wall, padded wall, or a chain link fence.

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