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Business Wayfinding Sign

Does Your Office Need Wayfinding Signage?

Wayfinding signage is what helps people go from “You are here” to “I’m trying to go there.” Whether in a single building, on a campus environment, or at a major event, wayfinding signage helps visitors orient themselves in the environment and navigate to where they want to be. Many times, wayfinding signage uses interior or exterior landmarks to provide orientation and visual cues.

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AHL All-Star Game Center Ice Under Ice Logo with Face-Off

Ease Arena Special Event Logistics with Under Ice Logos and Temporary Dasher Board Graphics

Special events are a great way to bring additional revenue into your arena, but the logistics of accommodating special event branding and temporary sponsors may seem overwhelming. If you have a special event coming in, or are thinking about hosting a special event, where branding and/or sponsors may need to be changed for the event, we have arena signage solutions that can help.

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AMI Graphics NACDA Tradeshow Booth

Designing Tradeshow Booths

From a purely business perspective, trade shows are great for awareness, brand-building and connecting with potential customers. They’re opportunities for people to learn all about you and your organization and hopefully create a fine first impression, especially if you and your team are all fueled up and ready to wow them with your knowledge and expertise. However, at a trade show, you’re also in the middle of a sea of potential competitors and you need to stand out.

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Team Store A-frame Sign Sandwich Boards

Attract Foot Traffic with A-frame Sidewalk Signs

Brick-and-mortar businesses spend a great deal of energy and money working to get people in their doors, but the best answer might be something that’s right in front of them – literally. We’re talking about the sidewalk, and sandwich boards, which can be effective tools to encourage passersby to take notice of what offerings, deals or promotions are awaiting them within the business – provided they are persuaded to veer from their planned route.

Products Utilized:

Portland Sea Dogs Concourse Backlits

Brighten Branding and Sponsor Signage with Backlit Signs

Looking to brighten up your business branding or showcase a sponsor inside your facility? Backlit signs are the perfect way to stand out from other signage. Backlit signs can also help to ensure that your messaging can be seen in any lighting environment.

Products Utilized:

Custom Flag in Wind

Promote School Spirit with Custom Flags

School spirit is an important part of the educational experience, regardless of whether it is at the primary, secondary, or post-secondary level. From making it more exciting to come to school, to allowing students to be a part of something exciting, to creating higher levels of student achievement and an overall positive atmosphere, school spirit makes a big difference in the attitude and success of students.

Products Utilized:

Boston College - Custom Commencement Backdrops

Enhance Your Special Event with Custom Backdrop Banners

By nature and name, special events are just that. Whether a large fundraising event, special concert, or major lifetime event like a college commencement, these events are important to all involved and should reflect as such in their appearance and atmosphere.

Products Utilized:

Water Country Amusement Park Signage

Amusement Parks and Recreational Facilities: Prepping for the 2018 Season

Some of the largest names in the theme park industry recently announced plans to hit the ground running this year, to try harder and turn around a softer 2017 than many expected in terms of overall attendance and revenue.

So what does this mean to your amusement park or recreation facility, even if you’re not in the same state – or scale – as Six Flags or Sea World?

Pretty much the same thing: it’s even more crucial to find ways to go above and beyond in terms of customer service and guest experience. One way to do that is to freshen up your signage.

Products Utilized:

UCONN Construction Mesh Windscreen Close Up

Cover Up Construction Areas with Signage Solutions

Spring is approaching, which means that construction projects will start ramping up with the nicer weather. As you enter the planning and beginning stages of your construction project, whether it is interior or exterior, it is the perfect time to start thinking about the outward appearance of your construction site.

While very exciting, construction sites are unsightly by nature with equipment, debris, and building materials. It may seem like a daunting task, but adding visual appeal to a construction site is fairly simple with the proper signage solution.

Products Utilized:

Boston Marathon - Event Mesh Banner Install

Raise Your Event to the Next Level with Event Services from AMI Graphics

Whether a small community celebration, multi-day music festival, international marathon, or anything in between, events can pose a unique challenge when it comes to signage and the associated logistical needs. From conceptualization to planning in advance of the event to custom installations, on-site support, and signage removal requirements, event signage solutions for any size event can be overwhelming without the right partner.

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