Simply put, Nike is among the most well-known and recognized brands in the world, an iconic company that touches every corner of the sports universe. Since the fall of 2010, their Nike Baseball brand has grown into an industry powerhouse with stars like Mike Trout, Robinson Cano, and Stephen Strasburg rocking the swoosh and influencing millions of impressionable fans in the process.

With their new line set to hit the market and a major annual trade show approaching, Nike Baseball needed a new fully-branded booth that could easily be installed when needed and easily stored in their offseason.

However, this was Nike and the humdrum, average boring booth just wouldn’t do, especially with the competition looking for any advantage they could get. They needed something that would grab attention and also be functional.

Through a referral, Nike found its way to AMI Graphics. Given the company’s past working in sports and in constructing top-of-the-line trade show experiences, choosing AMI for the job was a home run of an idea.


Following an evaluation, AMI’s team designed and developed an eye-catching custom booth that incorporated backdrops, sintra graphics, slat walls, and product holders for gloves and bats. The various graphics used were made to swap out easily, accommodating new branding, promotional pushes, or changes in sponsored athletes.


Two months after their initial meeting, AMI Graphics delivered an experience that properly represented Nike Baseball’s leadership within the sports equipment industry. They could properly showcase and swap out multiple new products, and the materials used were rugged enough to handle the demands of trade show season year after year.

As Nike Baseball continues to grow its reach in the industry, they’ll have an ace of a centerpiece to rely upon at the top of their marketing rotation — thanks to AMI Graphics.