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Take advantage of every surface area of your facility or event, including your floors with floor graphics. Floor decals are the perfect way to brighten boring floor surfaces while also creating distinctive visual opportunities for branding or sponsor inventory.

AMI’s custom floor graphics transform these high visibility areas at your venue, indoors or outdoors, without compromising safety. Floor decals are durable and non-slip and are sure to promote events, showcase sponsors, or increase your brand’s exposure.

Take advantage of floor advertising opportunities by using smaller floor decals to lead fans and guests to a particular area or attraction, mark off-limit areas, or designate handicap seating areas. Or use floor advertising to impress sponsors with larger mural-style floor graphics.

Floor graphics can be specially made for permanent use or for temporary needs. Customized to any shape, design, or size, these adhesive graphics transform an unconventional space into a showcase.


Are floor graphics slip resistant?

Yes! All materials that we offer for floor graphics are specifically tested and rated to be non-slip for either indoor or outdoor use. In order for the non-slip ratings to be effective, the material rated non-slip for indoor use should NOT be used outdoors.

Can floor graphics be cut to a particular shape?

Yes! Our custom floor graphics can be cut to any standard shapes like squares, circles, triangles, etc. We can also cut them in the shape of your logo or almost any other shape such as paws, footprints, lily pads, and more. For ease of install and more successful use, we do recommend that floor graphics being cut to more intricate shapes be cut as one piece. One of our experienced Account Managers would be happy to help with any questions about cut-to-shape floor decals.

What colors can floor graphics be printed?

We can print floor graphics in any color that you need. However, we do recommend that your floor decals NOT have a white background. The white shows dirt very quickly and will cause your floor graphics to appear old and worn even when they aren’t.


  • Rated non-slip for indoors or outdoors depending on material.
  • Create a unique branding or sponsor opportunity.
  • Temporary or permanent applications.




Transform the blank glass on your windows and doors with window graphics, a functional branding tool perfect for creating a high visual impact while also providing a sense of privacy.


Decals, vinyl stickers with an adhesive backing, are a common signage solution that can be applied to many surfaces and can allow for temporary or permanent applications.


Dress up blank or unsightly areas in your facility or office with wall murals. Add color and life to bare areas with wall murals by creating a permanent showpiece or promoting events.