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The complement to a great piece of signage is often a great piece of hardware. Hardware needs can vary significantly depending on the type of signage. From a simple set of screws and washers to a self-standing tradeshow banner to an elaborate cabling system, hardware allows each piece of signage to meet the needed visual effect within any specific space or logistical requirements.

We offer a wide variety of standard signage hardware options or can fabricate a complete custom signage hardware solution for almost any signage challenge. We have made custom signage hardware solutions that range from custom cabling systems to hang mesh windscreens to constructing a custom podium platform for the Boston Marathon, an internationally renowned and televised event. No matter the size of your signage and hardware project, our talented and experienced team is ready to take on any challenge.

Some of the standard signage hardware options that we offer include, but are not limited to:

A-Frames – Multiple type of a-frames including: plastic sandwich boards, Softline™ Padded A-Frames, Coroplast A-Frames. Visit our A-Frames Product page to learn more.

Scrolling Banner Stand – Retractable banner stand with a silver base that holds a single sided graphic (double sided options available). Our standard size frame holds graphics ranging from 69” – 92” high and 33.5” wide. The graphic is printed on a lightblock material and is installed into the frame with a clamp on the top and double sided tape on the bottom. Scrolling banner stands are commonly used for events and tradeshows as they are easy to transport and set up. They also have a small footprint for when space is limited.

EZX Display Stand – Pop-up aluminum banner stand that can hold graphics ranging from 78” to 86” high and 32” to 48” wide (most commonly sized at 78” high x 35.5” wide). EZX display stands are commonly used for event and tradeshow displays as it is easy to transport and set up.

Adjustable Backdrop Frame – Black aluminum frame with two formed steel bases and telescopic poles for easy adjustment. The height can be adjusted from 48” – 96” and the width can be adjusted from 48” – 120”. Great for vinyl or cloth banner backdrops, and most commonly used for press conference, event, photoshoot, or tradeshow backdrops.

Pop-Up Backdrop Frame – A lightweight, collapsible frame system that holds a custom finished cloth banner.  Designed for easy set-up and breakdown while keeping your custom graphics attached, pop up backdrop frames also allow graphics to be continued onto the side, or end caps, of the frame. Available in 8’, 10’, 15’ and 20’ lengths at 89” high, pop up backdrop frames are typically used for tradeshow, event, photoshoot, and press conference backdrops.

InteliFrame Backdrop – A durable and portable signage hardware solution that utilizes a fabric slipcover and allows for self-standing, double-sided, wrinkle free graphics. Available in three sizes: 80” high x 28” wide, 80” high x 40” wide, 90” tall x 118” wide, the InteliFrame provides a sophisticated look great for tradeshows and special events.

Smart Banner Frame System – A self-standing signage frame designed to display banners securely and without wrinkles when a wall or fence is not available. The Smart Banner Frame System helps to reduce wind load on the banner and secures with fiberglass stakes. Available in 36” tall x 72” wide, 36” tall x 120” wide, and 36” wide x 168” wide sizes, the Smart Banner Frame System is great for streetside or other promotional signage applications.

Standoff Hardware – Aluminum hardware pieces that are mounted to the wall (or other solid surface) and either attached through the graphic or to the edge of the graphic. Standoffs can only be used with rigid signage, but graphics can be switched out as needed once the anchor is mounted to the wall. Standoffs come in various sizes, thickness, and colors. Standoffs are commonly used for branding signage or to create stunning visual displays for photographs.

Pole Banner Hardware – A complete hardware kit for light pole banners featuring brackets, fiberglass arms, pins, bands, zip ties, and end caps for hanging a single pole banner onto pole. Decorative color options are available, as well as hardware options for the same banner style to be installed on to the side of a building or similar flat surface.

Snap Frames – Aluminum “picture frame” style frame with flip up sides that snap back into place to hold a rigid graphic (typically polystyrene). Snap frames are permanently installed into place, and the graphics can be easily updated and changed as necessary. Snap frames are commonly used for promotional or sponsor signage, concession signage, and more. Sizes are available up to 48” tall x 96” wide. Please contact us for additional size and color information.

Banner Grip Frames – Aluminum “picture frame” style frame for vinyl banners with flip up sides that snap back into place and cover the clamp system that pulls the banner taut. Banner grip frames are permanently installed into place and the graphics can be updated and changed as necessary. Commonly used for branding, promotional, or sponsor signage, and more. Please contact us for size and color information.

Cloth Stretch Frames – A thin profile frame designed for cloth banners with a channel system on the frame and silicone edging on the cloth banner. Cloth stretch frames are permanently installed into place and the graphics can be changed out as needed without having to remove the frame. Cloth stretch frames are commonly used for high-end applications such as office graphics, retail store graphics, airport graphics, and more. Backlit frame options are also available. Please contact us for size and color information.


How do I know which type of hardware is best for my signage application?

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account when determining the best hardware solution for your signage application - where is it going, will it be indoors or outdoors, does it need to be permanently installed or able to be moved, among many others. Our talented account managers are signage experts and will be able to help determine the best signage hardware solution for your needs.

What is the turnaround time for signage hardware?

The turnaround time for signage hardware depends on the type of hardware that you need. For hardware that is a standard size and stock item, the turnaround time is a couple of days (not including any time for signage printing) plus shipping time. Custom sized or custom constructed hardware may require longer turnaround times depending on the type of hardware - contact one of our experienced account managers for more information.

Can I replace just the banner or sign and reuse the existing hardware?

Yes! Most signage hardware can be reused with replacement graphic. Certain types of signage hardware may not be able to be used with new graphics, however, if changeable graphics is an important feature for you, our account managers can advise you on the signage hardware that would work best for you.


  • Variety of choices based on your needs.
  • Permanent or portable options.
  • Custom signage hardware solutions available.




Give your next press conference, photo shoot, trade show, or other highly visible event a professional look with media backdrops. Choose from vinyl or cloth as well as a variety of hardware options.


Recognize athletes, employees, donors, and more with custom displays. From simple vinyl banner displays to complex dimensional signage, custom displays can be designed to any size or shape.


Suitable for interior and exterior use, vinyl banners, cloth banners, and mesh banners are the most versatile branding, promotional, and advertising tool for any business or facility.