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Scoreboard Signage

State College Spikes Scoreboard Signage
UConn Scoreboard
UNH Jumbotron Scoreboard Signage

During athletic events, all eyes are on two things: the game and the scoreboard. Scoreboards are undeniably one of the most visible components of any athletic facility. So, why not take advantage of all of that visibility with scoreboard signage.

Cover your sports scoreboards with scoreboard signs to showcase your sponsors and your brand. Place sponsor advertisements on the sides or utilize the backside of your scoreboard for a larger than life mural of your team mascot or logo. Whether your scoreboard is set-up for backlit signs or non-lighted signs, scoreboard signs can be easy to swap in and out for sponsorship changes or if your branding needs change for a special event.  Don’t let this prime space go to waste; outfit your scoreboard with custom scoreboard signage.

High visibility location for branding and sponsors.
Multiple material options to meet your needs.
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
Non-lighted and backlit options available.
We are hosting a special event that requires us to cover all sponsor graphics. Do you offer temporary scoreboard signage?

Yes! The temporary options available to you are dependent on the type of scoreboard signs that you currently have. Options can vary from decals to vinyl banners. One of our experienced Account Managers can work with you to determine the best solution based on your current scoreboard signage and the length of your event.

What types of scoreboard signage do you offer?

The scoreboard signage that we most commonly produce are backlit signs, decals, vinyl banners, and aluminum signage.  

Do you replace scoreboard signage from other companies?

Yes! Whether your scoreboard signs were produced by another company or were included when you purchased your scoreboard, we can produce new scoreboard signage based on whatever specifications are required.

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