Put the hottest sponsor inventory in the coolest place with under ice logos. During ice hockey games or other on-ice events, all eyes are on the ice, so why not brand that space. Take advantage of this high visibility location with under ice logos. Ice surfaces provide the perfect bright white background so that your sponsor, team, or event graphics really stand out and make an impact.

Under ice graphics are available as pounced paper stencils used in conjunction with ice paint or printed mesh logos, which are frozen into the ice. Both can be reused from season to season; however, with proper installation and removal, mesh in ice logos can be reused for multiple seasons without any additional expense.

Use center ice as a spotlight for your team or event logo or use secondary under ice logos throughout the neutral zone or behind goal lines for additional sponsor inventory. Whether you’re a high school or college, independent, or professional team, under ice graphics offer a great opportunity to brand your own ice surface or an ice surface where you play.


Which type of under ice logos are good for special events where they would have to be changed over quickly?

If you need under ice graphics for shorter term special events or events where the under ice graphics need to be changed out in a short amount of time, you would want to use mesh under ice logos. Mesh eliminates multiple steps from the installation process compared to stencils and ice paint.

Where on the ice surface am I able to put under ice graphics?

The most common areas for under ice logos are center ice and the corner areas of the neutral zone. Under ice graphics can also be placed behind the goal lines and in the corners of the offensive/defensive zones. Some leagues and organizations may have limits on the number and location of logos, so be sure to check league regulations before selling sponsorships and ordering your under ice logos.

Can I use a combination of mesh and stencil & ice paint under ice logos

Yes! Under ice logos in different spots are separate from one another so it would not cause any issues having some under ice graphics be mesh In Ice Logos and having some under ice logos be created from paper stencils and ice paint.


  • Unique and highly visible branding or sponsorship opportunity.
  • Digitally printed ice mesh or paper stencil for ice paint available.
  • Custom sized to fit any area of the ice.



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