branded tent  and advertising flags as temporary signage branded tent  and advertising flags as temporary signage
boston marathon temporary event signage boston marathon temporary event signage
Stonyfield Earth Day 5k temporary signage Stonyfield Earth Day 5k temporary signage
UNH frozen four temporary signage UNH frozen four temporary signage
red bull frozen rush temporary event signs red bull frozen rush temporary event signs
ISU world championships temporary signs ISU world championships temporary signs

Temporary signs can include everything from event mesh to wall murals. Event mesh banner is a great temporary signage option for outdoor events like road races and marathons. Event mesh can be branded to reflect your special event with custom logos and coloring. If you’re hosting an indoor event welcome fans with decals on your windows and doors and decorate blank walls with temporary wall murals to highlight sponsors and your brand. Don’t worry about leaving behind residue or ruining the surfaces behind these graphics – they’re specially formulated and installed to be taken down quickly without damaging existing surfaces.

Whether you have a special event coming up at your facility or are part of a touring series, AMI Graphics has temporary signage solutions to fit your needs. AMI can provide event signage solutions that match your location, logistics, and production schedule. From design, to installation, and rapid signage removal, AMI has the experience to meet the unique challenges that events can bring.

Another temporary signage solution includes wind flags, which can be placed roadside to attract passersby to your event or around registration tables or merchandise areas. Wind flags are lightweight and easy to set up and take down, making it an excellent temporary signage option. Pair wind flags with portable signs such as a-frames, which can function as wayfinding signage or display event information to your guests. A-frames are lightweight and offer easy quick change panels to change messages or sponsorships.


We need temporary signage for our official host hotel. Are there options that won’t damage hotel property?

Yes! We offer a few different adhesive materials that allow us to create temporary wall murals and custom vinyl decals that are meant for short term applications. These materials are designed to remove cleanly without damaging the surface underneath. If it is an area where another material is ideal such as vinyl banner or foamboard, we have various installation methods that allow the sign to be displayed for the event and be removed without a trace.

What is the best way to store my temporary signs until the next event?

Each type of temporary signage may have different storage needs so please speak with your Account Manager about any specific requirements. The general rule of thumb is to make sure they are stored in an area that is clean and dry. As an added layer of protection during storage, make sure that any flat signs are stored with ink facing in and banners are rolled up with print side in.

Can I cover over existing graphics with temporary signage?

Yes! If you need to cover over existing graphics with your temporary signage, be sure to let your Account Manager know when discussing your event signage needs. They will then make sure that all materials suggested for your temporary signs are able to cover the existing graphics and be removed without causing any damage.


  • Easy to set-up, breakdown, and move around in between.
  • Low tac adhesive options for temporary decals.
  • Installation and event signage logistics services available.




A-frames are a dynamic signage solution for wayfinding, event, and promotional uses – both indoors and out. Softline™ Padded A-Frames are a safe option for sports sidelines.


Advertising flags are a great tool to increase exposure and capture attention. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, make a big impact on a small budget with wind flags.


Dress up blank or unsightly areas in your facility or office with wall murals. Add color and life to bare areas with wall murals by creating a permanent showpiece or promoting events.