UNH dasher board hockey graphics UNH dasher board hockey graphics
TD garden dasher board hockey graphics TD garden dasher board hockey graphics
UNH dasher board hockey graphics UNH dasher board hockey graphics

Placed on the highly visible dasher boards surrounding an arena’s ice surface, dasher board graphics are a staple when it comes to both hockey graphics and rink graphics. Dasher board graphics are perfect for bringing branding or sponsor signage opportunities close to the action. They must also be able to withstand the unique environment of an ice arena. There are two main types of dasher board graphics.

DashMax™ Dasher Board Graphics are AMI’s proprietary adhesive rink board graphic. We developed DashMax™ Dasher Board Graphics to provide arenas with an option for rink graphics that are specifically designed, formulated, and tested to last against temperature variations, moisture, and wear and tear of game play all season – while still looking sharp!  DashMax™ Dasher Board Graphics are built to last.

Temporary event dasher board graphics are perfect for special events such as tournaments, championship games, figure skating competitions, or other situations where they may need to be changed out frequently. Temporary event dasher board graphics are meant to be quickly and easily removed after a short period of time.


What size are dasher board graphics?

Dasher board graphics can be any size that you choose, but the most commonly used sizes for hockey graphics are 30” or 33” high and 6’, 8’, 10’, or 12’ long. Dasher board graphics that are used for event rink graphics as full rink board wraps are typically split into 10’ sections for ease of install but can be customized to your needs and preferences.

How do I know which material is right for my arena?

The best material for your arena is dependent on how you plan to use the dasher board graphics. If you plan on using them for long-term sponsor signage or to promote programs and events for the whole season, DashMax™ Dasher Board Graphics are the right fit as they are designed for long-term use. If you simply need rink graphics for a short-term event or for sponsors that are frequently changed out, temporary event dasher board graphics should meet your needs.

Can I install dasher board graphics myself?

Yes!  Check out our dasher board graphics installation tutorial video HERE. We also offer installation services throughout the US.

What if I don’t want adhesive dasher board graphics?

We offer a non-adhesive dasher board graphic designed to be inserted behind a piece of clear polycarbonate that is drilled into the rink boards. These non-adhesive dasher board graphics are less common than adhesive dasher board graphics.


  • Specifically designed material for the unique needs of arenas.
  • Widely used by professional, collegiate, and community rinks nationwide.
  • Temporary options available for short-term events.




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