dartmouth college mesh windscreen at tennis court dartmouth college mesh windscreen at tennis court

Windscreens offer a perfect solution for visually enhancing any fence at your facility, construction site, parking lot, or any other location. Windscreens are made from a durable and flexible mesh PVC and are finished with reinforced edges. They not only add high-impact visuals for branding or advertising purposes, but they also add privacy and wind protection.

Wind screens are budget-friendly as they can help give the impression of a major renovation without the large cost and lengthy timelines. Windscreens are an affordable way to promote your brand, display upcoming games and events, and create privacy around a construction site. They can also be used to cover boring or unsightly areas around your facilities like under bleachers or around equipment areas.

Wrap bleacher tops, bleacher backs, and fencing around your fields, courts, racetracks, and more with full color, digitally printed wind screens. They are made to withstand the elements while keeping your facilities looking sharp. Make a big impact without making a big dent in your budget with windscreens.

Benefits of Using Windscreens

Visual appeal, branding and advertising opportunities, increased privacy, and protection from the wind are the four main benefits to implementing windscreens. The versatility of windscreens means they can be used across a variety of industries for unique purposes.

Visual Appeal

The most immediate benefit to utilizing windscreens is visual appeal. Fences work well to add boundaries and partition large areas, but do little to add to the aesthetics of the location. Windscreens allow fences to serve their purpose while also adding a sleek, interesting visual to an otherwise bland area.

Windscreens are safe, durable and are made from a printable material, which means you can enhance the visual appeal with safety messaging, sponsor messages, advertisements and more the entire time it is in use.

Branding and Advertising

In addition to visual appeal, windscreens are also excellent tools for branding and advertising. Custom graphics and text printed on windscreens are displayed vividly and can be seen from far away.

Athletic programs can use windscreens to promote team spirit and drastically improve the ambiance of their outdoor facilities. At a baseball field, branded windscreens not only improve the appearance of the stadium, but also create a sense of pride in the fans and athletes. They are an excellent place to recognize program championships and player accomplishments. Mesh windscreens help create the intimate, branded experience that is typically only possible at indoor facilities or in professional stadiums.

In addition to branding, windscreens are a fantastic tool for advertising. Construction companies can promote their services on windscreens at sites while they are performing work or preview what is being built. Athletic facilities can feature sponsors all around that will be clearly visible to visitors. The versatility of windscreens allows for branding and advertising opportunities for almost any type of organization.


Despite being made from a mesh material, windscreens help create a visual barrier for visitors positioned on either side of a fence. Visual barriers are useful for unsightly areas that can’t be easily organized or disguised.

Windscreens are an ideal way to mask the drab appearance of construction sites. Installing a windscreen on a construction site encloses the area and also provides an opportunity for additional branding and advertising. Construction companies can advertise their services, provide details on the job itself, or sell advertising space.

Privacy can also be beneficial for athletic programs at colleges. A common location for windscreens is the fencing surrounding tennis courts. Windscreens provide a barrier from the surrounding area. This creates a more intimate setting and helps to eliminate distractions from the surrounding area. Windscreens installed on these fences also help eliminate any confusing sightlines for athletes while competing.

Wind Protection

In addition to privacy and branding, windscreens can create a protective barrier from the wind.Windscreens are popular for use on fences surrounding athletic fields to lessen the effects of crosswinds on the course of play. In addition to providing visual protection to storage areas under bleachers and similar spaces, windscreens can also provide a level of weather protection to the items being stored.

You can also add mesh windscreens to outfield fences or tennis court fencing to add branding, privacy or increase wind protection. In doing so, you may also create a bold environment that motivates fans and athletes alike.

Using branded windscreens at job sites may produce brand awareness for your business that otherwise may not have existed. Without windscreens, fences are very bland and offer no additional benefits to the organization. However, once they are installed, they redefine an area.

Top 6 Reasons to Use a Windscreen

Branding – Windscreens are an excellent way to strengthen a brand. Slogans, logos, and team names are all great options to include on graphics for a windscreen that will bolster branding.

Covering Unappealing Areas – Windscreens are a great way to cover unsightly areas. They can be used on perimeter fences around construction sites, on the backside of bleachers, and many more other places.

General Decor – Bare chain link fences are boring and unappealing. Adding a mesh windscreen simply improves the visual appeal of that area where they are added.

Player Recognition – Unlike indoor sports, outdoor sports don’t have walls to hang player recognition and program championship banners. Windscreens fastened to fences in and around the stadium are an ideal way to showcase accomplishments.

Showcasing Sponsors – Mesh windscreens are a great way to showcase sponsors at facilities or events in a prominent way.

Privacy – Adding windscreens to fences can also create a visual barrier that adds privacy and eliminates distractions for athletes while competing. This is especially useful around tennis courts where spectators on the opposite side of the fence could present distractions to athletes.


What do the back of windscreens look like?

Our standard, digitally printed windscreens are white on the back. We do offer the option for digitally printed wind screens with a black back if you need the backside to not be white.

For our solid color, dyed windscreens, both sides of the wind screens are the same color.

One of our experienced Account Managers would be happy to discuss all of our options for windscreens and determine the best solution for your project.

How are the edges of windscreens reinforced?

Standard finishing on our windscreens is 2” poly webbing (seat belt-like material) stitched with two rows of double stitching around the perimeter. The grommets for windscreens have teeth and are pneumatically attached for increased durability in higher winds.

How should I install my windscreens?

Windscreens are typically installed with heavy duty zip ties. However, bungee balls are a great option if the Windscreens need to be taken down and put back up frequently, or stainless steel screw bands could be a good option if you want something that is more tamper-proof.

How see through are windscreens? Does it affect the vibrancy of the image?

Our standard windscreen mesh banner material has a 80/20 ratio. This means that 80% of the mesh material is solid, and 20% of the mesh material is open to allow air to pass through. While the vibrancy of windscreens may be slightly less than it would be on a solid vinyl material, you will find that windscreens still appear to be vibrant and are sure to catch the eye of anyone passing by. If you need to allow more air to pass through your windscreen, please discuss this with your Account Manager as there are a couple different material options that could work for your project needs!


  • Durable, reinforced, flexible mesh PVC material.
  • Simple solution for large visual impact in higher wind areas.
  • Provides privacy while offering branding and visual enhancement opportunities.
  • Full color digital printing or solid color dyed options available.




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