Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG)

Silicone edge graphics (SEG) will bring new life to your interior displays with the highest quality resolution printed on cloth. Turn your walls into eye-catching art presentations with this simple, cost-effective display cloth solution.

An SEG display is created with a thin silicone strip sewn directly onto the edge of cloth. The silicone strip inserts easily and perfectly into a thin frame for a sharp appearance and zero wrinkling of the cloth.

Framed SEG displays have a tight fit; silicone stitching isn’t visible because it sits completely inside the frame. SEG offers the high-end appearance of artwork floating off a wall. SEG has a clean, sharp edge, and looks great from a distance and up close. While it has the appearance of a permanent display, SEG graphics are simple to change out, making it the perfect solution for a high-quality graphics presentation that is easily updated whether inside your arena, stadium, storefront, trade show booth or other location.

Benefits of upgrading to SEG
If your existing wall graphics, decals, banners or displays are beginning to fade, tarnish or show their age, you may be ready to step up your look with high-quality SEG displays. With so many customizable display and size options, your only limitation is the space you’re working with. Showcase your championship season, highlight key players/game moments, or highlight a new product or service offering.


What does a SEG display consist of?

An SEG display consists of an aluminum frame with a channel system and printed graphics that are inserted directly into the channel via a small sewn in silicone strip.

How does an SEG display mount to the wall?

The SEG frame is anchored into the wall using smalls crews. If necessary, wall anchors may also be used to ensure the SEG display is securely mounted to your wall.

What printed materials are used for your SEG display system?

There are three primary substrates used in SEG display systems, Standard Display cloth, Black Back Display cloth with "block out" features to hide items behind the print, and our Backlit Cloth for use with Backlit Displays.

I already have an SEG display system, can I order replacement prints from AMI Graphics?

Yes, once your SEG display frame is installed, you have the flexibility to swap out your printed graphics as often as you like. Our account team can work directly with you to determine the type of frame you have and assist with any replacement graphics you need.

Can I install SEG displays myself?

Yes, the process for installing your SEG display system is fairly simple with the level of difficulty varying depending on the overall size and placement.

Replacement SEG display graphics are even easier and can be swapped out by anyone at any time.


  • Turn your walls into eye-catching art presentations with this simple, cost-effective display cloth solution.
  • SEG graphics are fully customizable and can be printed on a variety of substrates.
  • SEG graphics can be backlit to create a glowing effect.



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