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Backlit Signs

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Make a bright impression with backlit signs. Backlit signs ensure that your sponsors, company information, and promotional messages are seen in any location and lighting environment. Ideal for sponsorship inventory in concourses and seating bowls or for storefronts or street side signage, backlit signage demands to be seen.

AMI Graphics’ full color, digitally printed backlit signs combine great designs with illumination to offer a unique opportunity to stand out from other signage options.

Backlit signs can be produced in almost any size to meet your needs, and material options for backlit graphics can include: drop-in films, adhesive material, flex-face vinyl, and rigid material. Whether you are changing out your existing backlit signage or starting from scratch, AMI has a solution.

Ensure your message is seen in any lighting environment.
Stand out from other signage options.
Variety of material options to fit almost any backlit box..
Can you produce backlit signs that fit my existing backlit boxes?

Yes! Just provide us with the specifications of your current backlit boxes, like the visual and printed dimensions (live area and total area), and one of our experienced Account Managers will work with you to get new backlit graphics produced.

Are backlit graphics easy to change in and out?

This depends on your backlit boxes. Most backlit signage is designed to be able to be changed out, but the degree of difficulty will depend greatly on your specific backlit boxes.

How do I know what material my current backlit signs are?

Your AMI Graphics Account Manager will be able to ask you a series of questions regarding your current backlit boxes and backlit signage. Based on your answers to those questions, your Account Manager can help to determine your current material and whether you must use that same kind of material again or if you have the option to use something different.

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