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Maximize the window space at your facility with window graphics. Window graphics, along with window wraps and door wraps, are a glass friendly way to visually enhance the blank and empty space created by windows and doors. Use window graphics to welcome fans to your facility on exterior doors, ticketing windows, interior glass, and more. Transform your storefront or promote specific products and promotions with retail window graphics.

Window graphics can be a very practical branding, promotional, and sponsor signage solution as they can provide an added sense of privacy while still conveying the desired message.

Our most popular window graphics material, GlassMax™, is a one-way viewable perforated film that can be mounted on either interior or exterior surfaces and allows for some light to shine through the graphics. An image is printed on the front of the material and the backside is pre-colored in black – the image can be seen from the outside but the black side can be seen from the inside. GlassMax™ is the perfect solution for window wraps and door wraps that need to add branding and sponsorship space without compromising visibility.

A popular option for branding windows and doors with window graphics and door graphics is to use a frosted vinyl version of custom vinyl lettering that gives the appearance of etched glass. This is a great choice if you are looking to visually enhance areas of your facility at a lower cost than a renovation. Window graphics can also be printed on a variety of opaque materials if complete privacy is needed.

The options for window graphics, window wraps, and door wraps are truly endless and are an easy way to make a big impact at your facility.


Are window graphics see-through?

We offer window graphics that are see-through and window graphics that are opaque. Our window graphics are customized to your needs so you can choose whether you would like partial or full privacy, or if you would like light to come through the graphics or be blocked out.

Since glass is clear, what do the backside of window graphics look like?

The backside of window graphics that will be seen on the inside of the glass depends on the material that is used. The backside of GlassMax™ is black. The backside of our opaque material options are either white or grey.

Can window graphics be mounted to the inside of the window?

Yes, we offer a version of our GlassMax™ material that can be mounted from the inside. The adhesive on Inside Mount GlassMax™ is on the printed face of the material rather than the black backside.


  • Turn window and doors into creative branding or sponsor opportunities.
  • Create privacy inside while visually enhancing the outside.
  • Solid and one-way viewable material options available.




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