media backdrop at ISU championships media backdrop at ISU championships
University of kentucky media backdrop University of kentucky media backdrop
USA Baseball media backdrop USA Baseball media backdrop
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Stand out at your next press conference or media event with custom media backdrops. Available in vinyl or cloth, media backdrops give your press conferences, highly visible events, and photoshoots a professional look.

Sports backdrops are perfect for pre or post-game press conferences or introducing a new player or coach to the public. Administration, coaches, and their athletes can interact with the media in front of crisply printed Sports Backdrops featuring team and school branding, sponsor logos, or both.

Media backdrops from AMI Graphics are custom finished for your hanging needs whether you plan to secure it to an existing solid surface, like a wall, or use freestanding hardware. AMI Graphics offers multiple types of freestanding hardware options for your media backdrops – including pop up media backdrops that feature a lightweight, collapsible frame system that is designed for easy set-up and breakdown while keeping your custom graphics attached.

Media backdrops are not limited to just sports or press conferences. Line special event entryways, create fun photo opportunities for your customers, or use as a backdrop for your tradeshow booth. Media backdrops can be a multipurpose signage solution.


I’m interested in media backdrops for press conferences. Is there a specific design that is typically used for press conference backdrops?

Media backdrops used for press conferences typically feature a “step and repeat” style design. A step and repeat design is where the desired logos or images are placed in an off-set, repeating pattern. This allows the logos or images to be visible on the banner regardless of where someone is standing in front of it. The step and repeat design isn’t just limited to press conference backdrops. It is also frequently used for red carpet events or conference stage backdrops as well.

I don’t have a place to hang media backdrops. Do you offer hardware that media backdrops can hang on?

Yes! We offer a few different freestanding hardware options for media backdrops. We offer pop up media backdrops that feature a lightweight, collapsible frame system designed for easy set-up and breakdown. We also offer a freestanding option with metal poles to slide the media backdrops on to be displayed tautly. The poles telescope to adjust in size from 48” to 96” wide and 36” to 96” high, but we do offer extender kits as well for this frame to go up to 10’ or 12’.

I’m worried about the glare from camera flashes. Do you offer media backdrops with a matte finish?

Our vinyl media backdrops are printed on a matte vinyl material but due to the standard characteristics of vinyl banner material, it is still possible for there to be glare caused by camera flashes.

If you want to be absolutely sure that your media backdrops don’t create a glare from TV lights or camera flashes, we recommend that you choose our cloth/fabric option.


  • Professional look for press conferences, photo opportunities, or tradeshows.
  • Highly visible branding and sponsor opportunity.
  • Various freestanding hardware options available.




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