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Events & Entertainment

The atmosphere and surroundings of an event play a large part in the attendee experience and the overall success of the event.

Whether a concert, outdoor festival, gaming tournament, or an extreme sport exhibition, these events strive to offer attendees a complete and total experience ranging from what they see to what they hear, smell, eat, and feel. In looking to create a desired experience, events of all sizes turn to event signage to visually enhance their event, create sponsorship inventory, and guide attendees around the venue.

Event signage needs can vary greatly depending on the event type, specific venue, and whether it is a one-time event or a national, multi-city tour where signage needs to be transported to another venue to be reused.

Enhance your event by:

  • Creating a custom look with event signage designed specifically for your event and venue. From barricade covers on crowd control barriers, to truss signage beside stages, large event backdrops, and mesh windscreens covering blank chain link fences, use event branding throughout the venue to give a consistent look and best overall attendee experience.
  • Continuing event signage and branding with necessary operational signage such as wayfinding signage, event facility maps, concession stand signs, and more.
  • Using temporary signage for short duration events or situations where signage must be installed and easily moved without a trace.

Promote your event sponsors with:

  • Sponsor logos prominently featured alongside the event branding.
  • Special sponsor areas designated with branded tents and advertising flags that are sure to catch attendee attention.
  • Self-standing a-frame signs creating impactful sponsor signage opportunities almost anywhere in the venue.

AMI Graphics has a dedicated Event Services team that specializes in the strategy, planning, logistics, and installation of event signage with experience and expertise with events of all sizes and a wide array of event signage needs, ranging from local festivals and concerts to multi-city tours. Combined with in-house creative design services, print production, and fabrication services, all of your event signage needs can be handled internally at AMI Graphics.

The talented AMI Graphics team can provide:

  • Knowledge and experience to develop a comprehensive signage inventory list for events of any size through site surveys and strategic planning discussions to ensure that your event signage project meets your needs while staying in budget.
  • Large print production and finishing capacity in all categories to fulfill the inevitable last minute event signage needs.

All of our signage is completely custom allowing each event branding and sponsor signage project to meet the exact requirements of any space and budget.


As signage experts, we are fully equipped to help with your sign project along every step of the way. Whether you know your signage needs or aren’t sure where to start, need all services or just one, our talented and experienced team is ready to partner with you.

From concept to completion, our experienced team is ready to guide you through the entire process of fulfilling your signage needs.
Our expert creative designers have the ability to interpret client ideas and turn them into unique and professional print designs.
Every piece of signage we produce with our print production services is custom made to order, giving you exactly what you need – every time.
We offer complete design and fabrication services for custom dimensional signage and specialty displays.
Every signage project has its own unique challenges. We offer sign project installation and sign project fulfillment services regardless of the project scope.
Consistent service combined with our online proofing assistant assures each sign project is completed properly and on-time, while keeping our clients informed along the way.