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Large banners are a versatile branding and marketing tool that can make a huge impact. They can be hung outdoors or indoors and from the sides of buildings, covering unfilled bleachers or stadium seating, on the back of your bleachers, the walls or rafters of your gymnasium, on custom made truss structures, and many other places.

Showcase events and promotions, campaigns, schedules, sponsors, and general branding with large banners that will be sure to capture attention from far away. Large banners are also a great solution for event backdrops like commencements, concerts, and more.

Outdoor banners can also be multi-purpose. Building banners can cover blank and boring exterior spaces or areas that may be undergoing a renovation while also promoting an event, sponsor, or your brand. Large Banners used as seat covers can feature sponsors during televised events when there are large sections of unused seating. Bleacher banners can cover open or unsightly areas under your bleachers while also displaying past achievements or this season’s schedule. Bleacher banners can also be used to cover empty sections of seats to give the appearance of a full stadium for smaller events.

Large banners used inside can provide cover for a major renovation with less cost and hassle of other solutions. They also offer opportunity for branding and marketing inside of large atriums and entryways.

The sizing and finishing of large banners can be customized to your project, and our experienced Account Managers can help determine which material is the best fit for your needs.


Is there any limit to the size of large banners?

Yes and no. There is a tipping point for large banners where once they get past a certain size, the weight of them would make them very difficult to handle and install. This doesn’t mean that you are limited to size though. We can break the large size down into “smaller” large banners that combine to make up the desired image and messaging. This gives you the desired result while making handling and installation easier.

Our facility already has a system in place for hanging large banners, can you finish our custom large banners to fit our existing system?

Yes! Everything we make is custom printed and finished per our clients needs. If you let us know the specifications that you require for finishing, our talented staff can make your custom large banner fit your existing system.

What material should be used for Large Banners?

Large banners are typically vinyl, cloth, or mesh material. In order to determine the correct material, your Account Manager will need to know the size, whether it will be used indoors or outdoors, typical weather conditions if it’s going to be hung outdoors, and how you plan to hang them. Our Account Managers have years of experience and will work with you to determine what is best for your needs.


  • Use blank space to capture attention from a distance.
  • Showcase events, promotions, or branding on a larger than life scale.
  • Custom sizing and finishing based on your project needs.




For highly visible advertising, branding, or sponsorship opportunity for the side of the road or your racetrack, Billboards are custom-made to meet your size and finishing specifications.


Suitable for interior and exterior use, vinyl banners, cloth banners, and mesh banners are the most versatile branding, promotional, and advertising tool for any business or facility.


Celebrate championship teams, standout athletes, and winning seasons with customized championship banners that are sure to impress fans, athletes, students, and recruits.