Red Bull skateboarding adhesive floor graphic Red Bull skateboarding adhesive floor graphic
Adhesive window decal at ISU Championship Adhesive window decal at ISU Championship

Decals are vinyl stickers with adhesive backing that can then be applied to a surface after removing the paper backing. These vinyl decals have a multitude of uses and can serve many purposes, depending on the needed signage solution.

Custom vinyl decals provide an eye-catching signage option that can be used to display a specific message; promote your business, a sponsor, or an event; or revitalize a tired surface (in a way that a coat of paint can’t touch) with vinyl wall decals. We can also make custom vinyl decals in the shape of a logo or text (or any other shape as well) to draw more attention to the decals.

AMI Graphics offers vinyl decals in a variety of materials depending upon where you are putting the decals, if they are covering anything, and how long the decals will need to be there. Whether you want to put decals on a brick wall, a car window, drywall, and more or for short or long-term use, we have a material to fit your needs.

Decals are commonly used in many industries; here are just a few examples of what decals can be used for:

Pricing signs, concessions signs, caution signs, point of purchase displays, window displays, door decals, wall branding, sponsor signage, box office graphics, behind bench graphics, wayfinding signs, and many more.


How do I know which material is right for me?

Our talented staff has decades of signage experience and would be happy to discuss what you are looking to accomplish with your decals. They will ask certain questions regarding the surface the decals will be applied to and how long they will be “staying up” - among other questions.  We have numerous materials options to choose from and will determine which is right for your use.

I need to cover up some old painted/adhesive graphics. Can I do this without repainting or removing the old decals?

We do have a material option for decals that has a grey back designed to help any old graphics underneath from bleeding through the new decals.  Depending on the circumstances, it may be better to repaint or remove the old decals. Our experienced account managers would be happy to discuss the specifics of your project to ensure that your decals are just right.

Can you cut decals to specific shapes?

Yes! We have the capabilities to cut custom vinyl decals to the shape of your logo, to hug the text, or to fit into a particular area.


  • Material choices for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Temporary, permanent, and repositionable adhesive options available.
  • Cover blank space or existing graphics.




Transform the blank glass on your windows and doors with window graphics, a functional branding tool perfect for creating a high visual impact while also providing a sense of privacy.


The true definition of mobile advertising, vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps allow you to showcase your brand or promote sponsors while on the go. Use them on a single vehicle or your entire fleet.


Professionally display your logo, company information, customized design, and more with vinyl lettering applied to vehicles, glass, walls, and more.