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Vinyl pad wraps are an eye-catching and cost effective asset to any athletic facility. For years, high school, college, and minor league teams have trusted AMI Graphics to design, print, and install vinyl pad wraps at their facilities. Whether it is a baseball or softball outfield, an indoor basketball court, a football stadium, or more, vinyl pad wraps are an excellent solution to prolonging the life of your existing athletic padding.

Vinyl pad wraps revitalize the appearance of your athletic padding without sacrificing visual appeal or the added cost of new pads. Vinyl pad wraps are wall padding graphics printed onto vinyl banner material that are then wrapped fully and tightly around the sides of each pad. Display your team name and mascot in full, vibrant color to give your home team a true home court or field advantage.


Once vinyl pad wraps are installed, are they permanently attached to the padding?

No, they are securely but not permanently attached. Wall padding graphics are able to be changed out fairly easily if necessary but are attached tightly for a crisp look and long lasting graphics.

Does each pad have to have a separate design on it, or can the design on all the pads create larger images?

We can technically print vinyl pad wraps in whatever kind of design that you would like. However, vinyl pad wraps give the biggest visual impact when the designs on the pads combine into larger, mural-like images or create a larger version of a logo or advertisement.

Are vinyl pad wraps difficult to install?

All of our wall padding graphics get printed with extra material and bleed on each panel. This allows the vinyl banner material to wrap around each side of the pad to be secured, while also providing weather protection to the inside of the pad. It also creates an installation aid as it allows the design to have more room for error in getting the graphics to line up.  Instead of having to force the design to line up on two panels that are the exact size, the extra bleed of the design and extra material allow for some margin of error on each set of vinyl pad wraps.


  • Cost effective way to dress up old pads.
  • Great sponsor or branding opportunity.
  • Custom sized per your existing pads.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor athletic padding.




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