adhesive wall mural and pole wrap at TD garden adhesive wall mural and pole wrap at TD garden
td garden adhesive elevator door wrap td garden adhesive elevator door wrap
lindt adhesive wall mural lindt adhesive wall mural
UNH adhesive wall mural UNH adhesive wall mural
lakeland flying tigers adhesive wall mural lakeland flying tigers adhesive wall mural
saint michael's adhesive wall mural saint michael's adhesive wall mural

Add color and excitement to hallways, conference rooms, or any blank wall in your facility with wall murals. Adhesive graphics that are applied to the surface of the wall, wall murals offer a perfect way of showcasing recent championships, highlighting top athletes, or simply adding more branding to your venue. Dress up your locker room, offices, hallways, staircases, and more with large wall murals.

Think out-of-the-box and use wall murals to brand your elevator doors or large columns in your facility. Display your team logo, showcase a sponsor, or promote an upcoming event on your elevators that your fans won’t miss.

Rough surface wall murals allow you to take your ideas outdoors and also allow branding of tricky interior surfaces such as painted cinder block walls. Rough surface wall murals work with most concrete, brick, and cement wall surfaces. Enhance your ticket windows, concession areas, bleacher fascias, and more with a purpose built rough surface wall mural.

Full wall murals and large wall murals are a great way to dress up unsightly or tired-looking areas of any building or facility and give the appearance of a major renovation, without the larger monetary expenditures and much longer construction timelines of a construction project.

For your special event branding needs, we offer temporary wall murals that will cleanly remove off of your wall when your event is over.

Our experienced Creative Department and highly trained installers are up for the challenge to bring your wall mural needs to life.


Are large wall murals printed as one entire piece?

No, large wall murals are usually printed in panels that will combine to form the wall murals in their entirety. Panels are required as the roll of material from the manufacturer can only be up to a certain width. Panels also make wall murals of any size easier to install as we provide an overlap on each side of the panels so that they can be perfectly aligned.

Can I install wall murals myself?

It is possible for you to install your wall murals, however, given the size of wall murals and the potential degree of difficulty that wall murals can pose during installation, we highly recommend having your wall murals professionally installed.

I have an idea of what I want, but I’m not a graphic designer. Can you help design my wall murals?

Yes, our full service Creative Department can help make your dream design for wall murals come to life. Whether you already have something in mind or are looking for us to create something from scratch, our talented designers are ready to design your wall murals and exceed your expectations.


  • Turn blank wall space into a work of art for branding or sponsorship opportunities.
  • Temporary or permanent adhesive options.
  • Give the appearance of a major renovation without any of the hassle.




Recognize athletes, employees, donors, and more with custom displays. From simple vinyl banner displays to complex dimensional signage, custom displays can be designed to any size or shape.


Bring your signage to life with dimensional signage. Dimensional signage can take your logo to the next level or make simple letters pop off the wall to capture attention.


Transform the blank glass on your windows and doors with window graphics, a functional branding tool perfect for creating a high visual impact while also providing a sense of privacy.