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Dimensional signage is the perfect way to bring your brand to life. Attract the attention of your fans or customers by adding dimension to your logo. Take advantage of different material options like wood, PVC plastics, metals, and acrylics to make your dimensional signage pop.

Dimensional signage isn’t just for logos! Use dimensional signage anywhere you want to capture attention and add visual appeal. These custom signs can be used to showcase a recognition display or to direct fans to certain areas or attractions. To add an extra element, consider LED back lighting to bring your custom signage to an even higher level.

Our on-site CNC router allows the AMI Creative Team to think and create in 3D to give your signage exciting dimension! Dimensional signage can be installed to almost any wall surface in your facility.


What kind of materials do you use for Dimensional Signage?

We offer a variety of materials for your custom signage. We typically use various types and thicknesses of foam, PVC, and aluminum. The materials for your custom signs will depend on the desired look, where it is being hung, and whether it will be a permanent or temporary sign, among other factors. Your Account Manager will be able to discuss this with you further to determine all the details to create your custom dimensional signage.

How many layers of dimension can my sign have?

Depending on the type of material used, dimensional signage typically shouldn’t be more than 3 or 4 layers. However, this is a question that is best discussed with your Account Manager as it will depend on material, size, and where it is being installed.

How do I hang my dimensional signage?

We can provide brackets for your dimensional signage, or decorative stand-off hardware can also be used to install custom signs, or simply dress up standard screw heads. Options can vary depending on the size and material of the custom signage.


  • Helps bring your brand to life with high visual impact.
  • Capture attention and add visual appeal.
  • Add excitement to blank and boring spaces.




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