Increase your exposure with custom advertising flags. Lightweight, portable, and cost effective, advertising flags are a great way to promote your brand at outdoor events, athletic competitions, festivals, tradeshows, or outside of your business. Promotional flags can be custom printed and used for special promotions and events or everyday advertising. Designed to withstand moderate weather conditions, wind flags create a large impact with a small footprint.

Advertising flags are available in multiple different styles, multiple sizes, and come single- or double-sided. Standard hardware is a spike base, but additional options such as an x-base, sand base, and water ballast for the x-base are available. Spike bases are ideal for grass, sand, or other soft surfaces, while x-bases (with or without water ballast) and sand bases work best on hard, flat surfaces.

Four styles of wind flags offered are:

Tail Feather Flags – Wind directional, feather banner style advertising flags with a bottom that is unattached, allowing it to flutter in the breeze and stay open for 24/7 readability regardless of wind speed. Available as single-sided or double-sided.

WindChaser Flags – Wind directional, vertical flags that combine the eye-catching movement of a flag with the stay-open design of a banner. Available as single-sided or double-sided.

Kahuna Flags – Large, vertical advertising flags featuring a rectangular layout with the movement of a flag. In the absence of wind, Kahuna Flags do not stay open. Available as single-sided only.

Feather Dancer Flags – Large, uniquely shaped flags featuring a can’t miss it metallic streamer tail assembly. Available as single-sided only.

Teardrop Flags – Teardrop style promotional flags are made to keep their unique shape despite the wind. Available as single-sided or double-sided.


Do advertising flags come in different sizes?

Yes! Our promotional flags come in 4 different sizes (Small - Extra Large) ranging from 7.5’ tall to 21’ tall depending on the style of flag.

How will my advertising flags stand up on their own? What if I want to use on pavement or grass?

Our advertising flags can be ordered with the corresponding hardware that makes them freestanding, or without if you already have hardware from a previous order of flags.

We offer hardware options with three different base options. If you need to use your promotional flags on a soft surface such as grass or sand, you would choose the spike base. If you need to use them on a hard surface such as pavement or an indoor floor, you would want to use the x-base, x-base with water ballast, or sand base.

Are advertising flags single-sided or double-sided?

Our standard advertising flags are single-sided, but double-sided flags are available in certain styles.

Single-sided promotional flags have the graphics on the front side while the backside is the mirror image bleedthrough of the graphics from the front side.

Double-sided promotional flags have the graphics printed on two separate pieces of fabric that are stitched together with a liner to prevent image bleedthrough.


  • Suitable for interior or exterior use.
  • Weather resistant graphics.
  • Easy set-up and breakdown.
  • Multiple options for indoor and outdoor needs.

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