COVID-19 has resulted in new health protocols that affect organizations across all industries. These unique circumstances have led to uncertainty among customers about which businesses are open and what services are offered. At AMI Graphics, we implemented our line of social distancing signage and InteliShield Barriers to help keep businesses safe and operational. We offer both custom and stock messaging options on a wide array of signage styles.


Plastic shields create a physical barrier between individuals communicating in close proximity and help to slow the spread of germs. Our InteliShield Protective Barriers are available in three unique styles to help keep organizations of all types safe and operational.


InteliShield Protective Barriers are clear sneeze guards constructed from sturdy acrylic material. They provide a protective shield between employees and visitors which helps prevent the spread of airborne contaminants and keeps businesses operational. They are easy to move for optimal effectiveness and can be safely sanitized for repeated use.

These acrylic shields are ideal for areas where employees work in close proximity to customers or fellow workers where the six-foot social distancing recommendation is hard to comply with. The sturdy construction and ability to be sanitized make InteliShields a long-lasting public health solution.


The Freestanding InteliShield is an acrylic barrier supported by a sturdy aluminum frame. This shield is an effective tool for businesses that require customer interaction. This tall acrylic barrier provides a barrier between customers and employees and helps to prevent the spread of germs. Free Standing InteliShields are very sturdy and can be washed for continued use.

This barrier is ideal for checkout lines and other instances where customers and employees interact while standing. Because this barrier is freestanding, it does not require a tabletop and takes up very little physical space.

Desk Shield

Desk Shields are constructed from sturdy, clear, acrylic material. The enclosed three-wall design helps protect students in three directions from spreading or ingesting airborne contaminants. The clear acrylic material allows students to interact with their teachers and classmates from their desk without getting out of their seats. This shield is easy to set up and the acrylic material can be easily sanitized with soap and water.

Desk shields are a great solution for areas where multiple people are working in the same room. They allow individuals to work and communicate with each other in a room in a safe manner.


Floor Decals are a helpful signage option to remind visitors of public health recommendations. Floor decals are an effective way to communicate with customers while taking up no physical space. These decals are suited for both short and long-term use, depending on the needs of the customer. The top side of these floor decals is made with anti-slip material to prevent any potential accidents.

Floor Decals are ideal for areas where clusters of people gather. They help remind visitors to maintain a 6-foot buffer and can also mark precisely where visitors should stand when waiting in line.

We offer floor decals with a variety of stock social distancing messages on them for customers to choose from. Customers can also include their own messaging and logos with a custom floor decal.


With so much uncertainty during the pandemic, roadside signage can be a helpful tool to let customers know your business is still operational. Advertising Flags, A-frame Signs, and Yard Signs are all effective forms of roadside signage. If you are unsure about which style to choose, one of our signage experts will be happy to help determine the best fit for your organization.

Advertising Flags

Advertising Flags are large, wind-directional flags that stay open regardless of windspeed  for 24/7 readability. Advertising Flags are an excellent way to display your message to those passing by your location. Despite their stay-open design, these flags still create eye-catching movements when the wind blows, helping to garner the attention of anyone passing by.

Advertising Flags are one of the most effective roadside signage options. They work well to inform customers that your business is open and operational. Additionally, restaurants can use feather flags to let customers know they offer takeout, delivery, curbside pickup and much more.

A-frame Signs

A-frames are heavy-duty, freestanding signs that are used in conjunction with prints that are easy to change in and out as needed. Their durability, ability to be moved, and double-sided visibility make these ideal for organizations of all types. A-frame signs are sturdy, but can be weighted down with sand for additional stability in high-wind areas.

A-frame signs are commonly used on sidewalks in front of businesses to reach anyone passing by your location. They are an excellent signage option to display social distancing guidelines, product offerings, or simply to let people know that you are open. For future use, signage inserts can be swapped out to promote new messaging.

Yard Signs

Yard Signs are an economical signage option to convey your message to customers. Equipped with a galvanized H-stand, these signs can be installed quickly and easily on any penetrable surface. Yard Signs are an effective style of roadside signage to let customers know that you are open for business. They can also be installed near the entrance to your organization to inform customers of health protocols at your location or to direct foot traffic to reduce crowding.


  • Helps keep employees and patrons safe.
  • Easy and effective way to convey social distancing guidelines and public health information to visitors.
  • Multiple signage styles and materials to meet the needs of any organization.




Essential to events of all sizes, barricades are very functional but are often an eyesore. Use barricade covers to transform unsightly barricades into a powerful branding or sponsorship tool.


Great for both one-time and recurring special events, temporary signage is perfect for events that require quick installation and removal or portable signage options.


Suitable for interior and exterior use, vinyl banners, cloth banners, and mesh banners are the most versatile branding, promotional, and advertising tool for any business or facility.