coe brown softline padded a-frame coe brown softline padded a-frame

A-frames, sometimes referred to as sandwich boards, come in many shapes and sizes and can serve as a solution for multiple signage needs. The two most popular styles of a-frame signs that we offer are sideline a-frames and plastic a-frames. Both styles are great for indoor and outdoor use and are commonly used as wayfinding signs, sponsor signage, event signage, and promotional signage.

Sideline a-frames are commonly found on the sidelines of football, soccer, lacrosse, or field hockey fields. We have two standard options for sideline a-frames, padded a-frames and non-padded a-frames.

Softline A-Frames™

Softline A-Frames™, our signature padded a-frames, keep your athletes safe while showcasing your sponsors or team branding right next to the action. These padded a-frames are great for courtside or field side placement and are available in 3’ x 4’ or 3’ x 8’ size. They are easy to move and they fold up flat for easy storage.

Softline A-Frames™ feature vinyl banners with a quick-change Velcro® system which allows for easy and affordable season or game-to-game graphic changes. The ability to swap out graphics can be useful when sponsors change their artwork midseason or when hosting special events with unique sponsors.

While these a-frames are excellent for outdoor use, they are also very well suited for indoor use. Because they are padded, Softline A-Frames™ can be used in areas where there isn’t ample space for signage like basketball or volleyball courts. Softline A-Frames™ can be placed in areas close to the sidelines without becoming an injury risk to athletes.

Coroplast A-Frames

Coroplast A-Frames, our non-padded sideline a-frames, can be customized to almost any size and are constructed to ship and store flat to maximize space. Coroplast a-frames can have graphics printed directly to the coroplast material for long-term use or can be outfitted with a quick-change Velcro® system for easy and affordable seasonal or game-to-game graphic changes.

Our third type of a-frame sign, plastic a-frames, are much smaller and more suited for sidewalk advertising. These sandwich board signs are built for quick and easy setup and takedown for advertising on the go.

Plastic A-Frames

Plastic A-Frames are constructed of a durable plastic and fold flat for storage when not in use. Sandwich boards are used in conjunction with prints that are easy to change in and out as needed. Sandwich boards are a great and easy-to-move solution for any promotion or event.

Benefits of Using A-Frames

A-frame signs can be used in a variety of settings and each style has unique benefits. For sporting events and open areas, sideline a-frames are ideal because they are large, safe, and have double-sided visibility for all fans to see. Additionally, sideline a-frames can easily be outfitted with new graphics when needed.

If you own a business in a downtown setting or in an area with many pedestrians, you can benefit immensely from using a sandwich board a-frame sign. Because they are smaller in size, they can be positioned on the sidewalk and moved or adjusted as needed. Businesses can bring more customers to their locations with plastic a-frame signs placed in front of their building to advertise sales, events, specials, and more.

Plastic a-frames are also an excellent option for wayfinding signage at large events. Wayfinding signage is vital to limiting confusion in crowded areas. Unlike other forms of signage, a-frames can be positioned nearly anywhere and can be moved as needed to direct visitors to specific locations. The ability to move these signs quickly and easily is a major benefit to event planners who need to be able to quickly adapt.

5 Reasons to Use A-Frame Signs

Durability – All of our a-frame signs are made from materials designed to be long-lasting and durable. Coroplast sideline a-frame signs use a corrugated plastic that displays graphics vividly in any weather.

The Softline A-Frame™ uses a vinyl material that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and is extremely durable. Weatherproof vinyl covers the padding itself and the graphics are printed onto a vinyl banner.

Our plastic a-frame signs are suitable for any weather and will last for years to come with proper care.

Safety – Sometimes displaying sponsor signage becomes challenging because of the safety risk to the athletes competing. Our Softline A-Frame™ removes that risk. In areas where athletes will be close to the sidelines, the Softline A-Frame™ is an ideal substitute.

Adaptability – A major bonus to a-frame signs is that customers can create various prints and swap them out as needed. Plastic a-frame signs display signage inserts that can be easily swapped out for a unique signage insert that displays a unique message. Similarly, Softline A-Frame™ signs use Velcro® to secure the vinyl graphics. Customers can order various vinyl graphics and substitute them as needed.

Versatility – Perhaps the best reason to purchase an a-frame sign is their inherent versatility. You may purchase a plastic a-frame sign to assist with wayfinding at an event, but later find a new use for it to promote an upcoming event. Because you can purchase and replace signage inserts on plastic a-frame signs, you can easily order new signage inserts for different purposes.

Portability – All of our a-frame signs are portable. Our plastic a-frame signs can be moved quickly and easily as needed. This makes plastic a-frames perfect for event management as wayfinding signs which require portability. This also makes plastic a-frames an ideal choice to promote sales and special events since they can be moved and set up quickly.

Both our coroplast A-frames and our Softline A-Frames™ fold up flat for easy transport and storage. These signs can be adjusted easily when needed during a competition.


Do sandwich boards come in various sizes?

Yes! The most commonly used hardware for sandwich boards holds a 36” high x 24” wide print on each side. There are also options that hold 24” high x 12” wide prints on each side or 24” high x 24” wide prints on each side.

The actual hardware for sandwich boards is most commonly white, but other colors are available.

How well do a-frames hold up in the wind?

If properly weighted and secured, a-frame signs will hold up in a reasonable amount of wind. A-frames can be weighted with sandbags and our padded a-frames have loops sewn in the corners to allow for the a-frame sign to be staked into the ground.

As with anything, please use your best judgment and if it seems too windy for the a-frames, even when weighted and secured, bring them inside!

Can you change out the graphics on a-frame signs?

Yes! A-frames are a great signage solution if you need to have graphics that are easy to change out. Sideline a-frames usually use vinyl banners with Velcro® for easy change graphics while sandwich boards typically use Velcro® in conjunction with a more rigid material like coroplast or styrene.


  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Options for easily changeable or permanent graphics.
  • Smaller options great for promotional and wayfinding signage.
  • Larger options for branding and sponsor signage.



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