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Sports play a large role in the lives of many Americans, whether it is participating, attending in person, or watching on television.

No matter the sport, promotion of the home team or association’s branding is a necessity. Signage and branding can transform a venue from being just another place to play to a true home field advantage by helping to energize both athletes and fans. Sports teams and organizations also generate a large chunk of their revenue from sponsorships making sponsor signage vital to ensuring sponsor visibility.

Team branding and sponsor signage needs vary greatly based on the specific sport and venue. Field sports such as soccer and lacrosse are likely to use sideline signage and major stadium signage elements, while sports that may be constantly moving locations, like beach volleyball and tennis, require sponsor and branded signage that can be easily installed, removed, and transported. Basketball and other arena sports rely heavily on area of play signage like floor graphics or in arena signage staples like backlit signs.

Transform your venue and promote sponsors with:

  • Stadium branding to visually enhance the stadium walls surrounding the field of play or within the seating areas with stadium wraps that can include branding or sponsor logos.
  • Barricade covers and mesh windscreens to dress up unsightly, but necessary, crowd control barricades and fences throughout your venue.
  • Wall murals and window graphics to visually enhance blank walls and windows throughout your venue with colorful, branded or sponsored murals.
  • Building banners to promote upcoming team and venue events with a larger than life mesh banner on the side of the venue.
  • Softline™ A-Frames, a padded a-frame, to display sponsor logos or team branding close to the action while keeping athletes safe.
  • Media backdrops for press conferences, athlete interviews, or photo opportunities featuring a step and repeat of your own logo or combine your logo with a sponsor logo.

Enhance your brand and fan experience with:

  • Branded operational signage such as wayfinding signage, risk management signs, and signs for necessities like restrooms, exits, and ADA compliance.
  • Custom concession stand signs that can be uniform across all stands or give each stand its own theme. Removable panels make changing items or prices simple and easy.
  • Branded tents and table skirts for guest relations or information areas. These items are easy to set up, take down, and transport making them perfect for off-site promotions.
  • Promotional flags displaying branding or promoting upcoming events in front of the venue or inside. Use in conjunction with branded tents and table skirts to grab attention at off-site promotions.

AMI Graphics has decades of experience working with a variety of sports and associated venues to meet their branding and sponsor signage needs. We work with numerous soccer and basketball teams and facilities, the AVP Beach Volleyball league, and U.S. Lacrosse. Our overall signage expertise across many sports disciplines allows us to apply our experience and knowledge from other sports and venues to bring fresh, new ideas to yours.

AMI Graphics can provide:

  • Knowledge and experience to develop a comprehensive signage inventory list for any sport and related venue at any budget level through site surveys and strategic planning discussions.
  • Full creative design services, print production, and signage installation through one point of contact.

All of our signage is completely custom, allowing each branding and sponsor signage project to meet the exact requirements of any space and budget.


As signage experts, we are fully equipped to help with your sign project along every step of the way. Whether you know your signage needs or aren’t sure where to start, need all services or just one, our talented and experienced team is ready to partner with you.

From concept to completion, our experienced team is ready to guide you through the entire process of fulfilling your signage needs.
Our expert creative designers have the ability to interpret client ideas and turn them into unique and professional print designs.
Every piece of signage we produce with our print production services is custom made to order, giving you exactly what you need – every time.
We offer complete design and fabrication services for custom dimensional signage and specialty displays.
Every signage project has its own unique challenges. We offer sign project installation and sign project fulfillment services regardless of the project scope.
Consistent service combined with our online proofing assistant assures each sign project is completed properly and on-time, while keeping our clients informed along the way.