attitash mountain vinyl banner billboard attitash mountain vinyl banner billboard
attitash billboard sign attitash billboard sign
racetrack billboard signage racetrack billboard signage
cranmore mountain billboard sign cranmore mountain billboard sign
racetrack billboard signage racetrack billboard signage

Whether it’s roadside or part of your facility, billboards are highly visible for advertisements, branding, or sponsor signage opportunities. One of the most visible types of available advertising, billboard signs get the attention of passersby, customers, and fans in a big way.

All custom billboards are made to your needed specifications for sizes, materials, and finishing. There are a multitude of options to ensure your needs are met.

In addition to roadside billboards, AMI works with racetracks across the country to produce high quality racetrack billboards that transform racetracks into a sponsor showcase. These larger-than-life racetrack billboard signs are printed with vibrant colors and are available in both mesh and vinyl materials.

Take advantage of billboards and promote your business, an upcoming event, or your sponsors with billboard graphics from AMI.


The advertising company who owns the billboard space requires my billboards to have specific finishing. What finishing options do you offer?

We can customize the finishing on your billboards to almost any specification. Billboards typically require pockets for cabling systems or extra material to be wrapped around to secure to the back of the structure. Whether it is a standard style of finishing or something a little out of the ordinary, our talented production staff is ready to make your billboard come to life.

Billboards are so big. Will my design look pixelated?

As long as the logos and photos in your billboard graphics design are high resolution, they will not become pixelated when enlarged for the size of your billboards. Throughout the file proofing process, you will be notified if your graphics are low resolution.

Should my billboards be printed on vinyl banner material or mesh banner material?

In most cases, billboard signs are printed on vinyl banner material, but it really depends on the desired installation surface. If the billboard graphics are being installed where they will have a completely solid surface behind them, vinyl banner material is the suitable material choice. If billboard signs are being installed where there is not a solid surface behind them, then mesh banner material would be best to allow air to pass through thus preventing the billboard from becoming a giant sail.


  • Larger than life advertising opportunity.
  • Customized finishing depending on your needs.
  • Multiple material options available.

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