Running USA (RUSA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 that aims to promote and improve the experience of long-distance runners and racers by providing various resources to race promoters. Each year, Running USA holds an industry conference, which is the largest running industry conference in the world. Vendors, runners, and keynote speakers gather each year to network, gain industry insights, and attend the Awards Gala.

The working relationship between Running USA and AMI Graphics dates back to 2013. After working together for several years on smaller projects, RUSA called on AMI to complete the design work for their 2018 Industry Conference Expo in Austin, Texas. After a successful 2018 conference, it came as no surprise when Running USA reached out to AMI in advance of their 2019 Industry Conference Expo in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Running USA had a general idea of what they wanted to in terms of design and called on AMI to design the logo, signage, and marketing materials. With the general concept in mind, the skilled Creative Design team at AMI got to work.


This project included designing the conference logo, stage backdrops, credentials, splash pages, email signatures, retractable banners and various signage throughout the conference and expo. To start, the AMI creative design team came up with a logo for the 2019 conference. Designers referenced the design criteria given by Running USA as well as previous event logos. The AMI designers incorporated the conference location, San Juan, as a major focus for the logo. The historic Garitas that are found at El Morro and San Cristobal are represented just above the Puerto Rican flag with vibrant colors often associated with Puerto Rican culture. This logo was presented to Running USA with three other options put together by the AMI Creative Team. Once approved, the designers were able to proceed to other portions of the project.

With the logo design selected, the conference credentials and stage backdrop were the next major materials of design remaining. The AMI Creative team once again created several versions and presented them to Running USA. Once designs for the backdrop and credentials were selected, the AMI Creative Team could extend the main design theme out to other marketing materials, like scrolling banners, PowerPoint templates, wayfinding signs and other signage throughout the venues. Scrolling banners were installed in specific areas to greet attendees. Other signage was used to designate which portion of the expo was taking place throughout the conference. Signage was produced for sponsored breakfasts, the awards dinner, sponsored happy hour and more.

Once all materials were printed, AMI staff traveled to San Juan to install the printed signage throughout the conference grounds.

Running USA puerto rico conference


The consistent design theme was carried out in all the products that AMI designed for the 2019 conference which helped overall branding of the event. Additionally, informative signage was used that helped keep the conference organized and got visitors where they needed be. Once the 2019 conference signage was complete, Running USA reached out to AMI to begin design for the 2020 conference in Las Vegas.


“In our business we have the opportunity to work with a variety of vendors to provide our signage and branding needs. Year after year we choose to work with AMI Graphics because of their incredible quality and top notch team. We can call them and present a vague idea and then before you know it they have 3 creative solutions for us to choose from. They are a partner of Running USA in the truest sense.”

Running USA
Vice President of Programming, Operations & Partnerships

2020 industry conference logo