Barricade cover for River Cats Barricade cover for River Cats
barricade cover for Buffalo Bisons barricade cover for Buffalo Bisons

Barricades are an integral part of any large-scale event, whether it be a parade, concert, race, or sporting event. These unsightly, yet practical, pieces of hardware serve an essential function, but they don’t have to be ugly. Give your barricades an additional purpose with barricade covers. Barricade covers will transform your barricades from an eyesore into a promotional tool, sponsor showcase, or to help direct pedestrian traffic.

Our durable and versatile barricade covers can be styled like barricade jackets where the barricade covers are custom finished to slip over your barricades with a snug fit. These barricade jackets can be finished with a hook and loop fastening system along the sides for easy installation and removal. Barricade jackets are a great option if you have a standard and consistent style of barricades.

Barricade covers can also be styled like barricade banners where a banner is draped over the top of the barricade and can be secured at the bottom with grommets. Barricade banners offer a more forgiving fit than barricade jackets and are a great option for mobile events or situations where the barricade style may vary slightly from location to location.


What measurements do you need to make sure my barricade covers fit correctly?

We need the following measurements for barricade covers:

  • Height of the barricade (in inches) from the top of the barricade to the lower horizontal bar.
  • Total width of the barricade (not including the hooks).
  • Height of the area from the top of the barricade to where the first hook starts.

If your barricades have smooth sides (with no hooks), we would need the height and width measurements in inches.

My barricades are located in a very windy area, should my barricade covers be made out of mesh banner material instead of vinyl banner material for better airflow?

We are able to make barricade covers out of mesh banner material instead of vinyl banner material if you would like. For barricade covers made out of mesh banner material, it is important to note that there may be some image distortion from the other side of the barricade cover since mesh banner material has small holes for air to pass through also making it see-through.

My event is in a couple of weeks; do I have enough time to order barricade covers?

Yes! Our talented production team members are experts at getting projects completed in no time at all. If you have a specific date that you need to have your barricade covers in hand by, please be sure to let your Account Manager know as soon as possible.


  • Simple solution for dressing up unsightly, but necessary, barricade hardware.
  • Printed on economical vinyl banner material.
  • Creative branding or sponsor signage opportunity.

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