SNHU custom display SNHU custom display
Head of the charles regatta custom display Head of the charles regatta custom display
UCONN basketball custom display UCONN basketball custom display
mills college custom display mills college custom display
87th security forces squadron custom display 87th security forces squadron custom display

Custom displays are exactly what they are called – displays created from various signage elements that are custom made exactly for your needs! From as basic as vinyl banners to as complex as wall murals with dimensional signage and backlit elements, custom displays can come in any shape and size you want.

Recognition displays are a great way to recognize current and past athletes who have played an integral part in your team’s success or to recognize exemplary, long-tenured employees, or donors of any level.  Since recognition displays are created specifically for you, they can fit perfectly in any space within your facility. Empty wall space can be used to showcase team or company history in the form of a hall of fame! These specialty displays can recognize past influential players, coaches, or legendary seasons, while also serving as a powerful recruiting tool.

AMI Graphics’ talented Creative Team has extensive experience designing and creating custom displays and will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind, eye-catching display to showcase whatever you choose – people, products, events, and more! All custom displays can be created using a variety of material and hardware options specifically selected to fit within your budget without compromising quality and visual appeal.


Can custom displays be added to over time?

Yes! If you need recognition displays or other custom displays to be able to be added to over time, we can specifically design them so that the overall visual image is not negatively affected by the lack of pieces to start, or by the later addition of new pieces.

Can custom displays be created for outdoor use?

Yes! We offer a wide variety of materials that are suitable for use on specialty displays that will be outside and exposed to the elements. Our wide array of material offerings means that you will not have to compromise your expectations for your custom displays just because you want or need it outside instead of inside.

We need some custom displays but don’t know where to start. Do you offer design services?

Yes! We have a very talented Creative Team with extensive design experience for all types of signage, but especially custom displays. Our designers are ready and waiting to work with you to make your ideas a reality.


  • Visually appealing way to recognize past group or individual accomplishments.
  • Take advantage of space that would otherwise sit empty.
  • Custom designed to fit any space and budget.
  • Material options for indoor or outdoor displays.




Celebrate championship teams, standout athletes, and winning seasons with customized championship banners that are sure to impress fans, athletes, students, and recruits.


Scoreboard signage can be used to showcase your sponsors on one of the most visible areas of any athletic facility. Scoreboard signs offer prime visibility sure to please any sponsor.


Take even the newest of stadiums to the next level with stadium branding. Dress up drab and empty walls or facades with branded banners to make your stadium a source of team spirit and pride.