pleated fan bunting pleated fan bunting
pleated fan bunting pleated fan bunting
pleated fan bunting pleated fan bunting

Show your patriotic pride throughout your stadium or facility with pleated fan bunting. Pleated buntings are a crisp, clean, and professional way to add patriotic decor to any area. Or, pick out your own color combinations with nylon pleated fan bunting or our custom mirage fan buntings.

Traditional Pleated Fan Bunting

Perfect for patriotic events, holidays, and display trim, traditional pleated fan bunting is a 3’x6’ fully pleated poly cotton fan. This classic bunting is printed on white poly cotton fabric for vibrant, patriotic colors and stars.

Traditional Nylon Pleated Fan Bunting

Available in patriotic red, white, and blue, or a variety of custom color combinations, nylon pleated fan bunting offers color alternatives to the classic red, white, and blue with stars while still providing a similar traditional look.

Patriotic Mirage Fan Bunting

An economical alternative to traditional pleated bunting, patriotic mirage fans features a unique graphic design that gives it a 3-D pleated appearance without the extra material. Patriotic mirage fan bunting comes in 1.5’x3’ or 3’x5’ sizes.

Custom Mirage Fan Bunting

A unique decor alternative for sports teams, events, and schools, custom mirage fan bunting allows you to have the look of a pleated fan bunting customized with your own colors, logo, or slogan. Available in 3’x5’ or 3’x6’ sizes.


Can I put my logo on pleated fan bunting?

Yes, you can customize our mirage fan buntings with your colors, logo, and any messaging desired. Mirage fans are digitally dyed on polyester fabric and finished with a lock stitch, canvas header, and grommets.

Can I change the colors on the traditional pleated fan bunting?

Yes, our traditional nylon pleated fan bunting can be customized into a variety of color combinations. However, our traditional pleated fans on poly cotton material cannot be customized outside of the standard patriotic design.

Can the size of pleated fan bunting be customized?

Unfortunately, we do not offer custom sized pleated bunting at this time. The standard sizes are 3’x6’ for the traditional pleated fan bunting (poly cotton and nylon), 1.5’x3’ and 3’x5’ for the patriotic mirage fan bunting, 3’x5’ and 3’x6’ for custom mirage fan bunting.


  • Classic display of patriotic pride.
  • Options for traditional pleated fan or mirage fan.
  • Color options and customization available.




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