Umass lowell stair riser decal Umass lowell stair riser decal
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stair riser decal stair riser decal

Transform your stairs with full color, digitally produced stair riser decals!. Decals for stairs adhere to the face of the stair and provide you with a unique branding or sponsor signage opportunity in an unconventional but high traffic area.

AMI Graphics’ stair riser decals are made from a proprietary material that is designed to stand-up to the wear and tear of a high-traffic area. The material is also designed to withstand temperature changes – allowing stair riser decals to be placed in areas such as an ice arena.

Stair riser decals are perfect for stairways leading into your facility or within the facility itself. In arena settings, fans will be able to see your stair decals whether they’re at the game or watching from home.

Stair decals can be designed for a repeating message or logo on each step, which is common for smaller staircases or staircases in the seating bowls of arenas. Stair riser decals can also be printed to combine into a single image to create a stunning display, which is typical for larger staircases or staircases in lobbies.


Can I use stair riser decals on the tread of my stairs?

No and yes. The proprietary material that our stair riser decals are printed on would NOT be suitable for decals on the treads of stairs. However, there are other material options that could be suitable for the tread of your stairs. Your Account Manager can help you determine the correct material for your application.

Does it matter what size stairs I have, and should the graphic go right to the edge of the stair?

All of our stair riser decals are customized and printed specific to your needs, so the size of your stairs should not limit your ability to use decals for stairs.

We recommend taking ½” off of the height and width of the stair face measurements to prevent the stair decals from going over the edges and peeling back.

Does the price change depending on if we do repeating logos or if the design combines into a single image?

Stair riser decals are digitally printed so there are no additional costs with adding multiple colors, images, or any other design elements. We would be happy to discuss your stair riser decals project in more detail with you and provide you with specific pricing information.

How should we clean the surface before installing our stair riser decals?

You should clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol to make sure that the surface is clean and dry before applying your stair riser decals.


  • Bring excitement to a typically dull but high traffic area.
  • Printed on a durable material for long-lasting graphics.
  • Repeat an image or logo or combine a design into a single image.




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