indian motorcycle adhesive trailer wrap indian motorcycle adhesive trailer wrap
boston marathon adhesive  vehicle graphics boston marathon adhesive  vehicle graphics
new belgium fat tire adhesive vehicle wrap new belgium fat tire adhesive vehicle wrap
head of the charles regatta adhesive vehicle graphics head of the charles regatta adhesive vehicle graphics
adhesive ice resurfacer wrap adhesive ice resurfacer wrap
shipyard adhesive fleet wrap shipyard adhesive fleet wrap

Vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps allow you the opportunity to showcase your brand or promote your sponsors with a constant advertisement on wheels sure to catch the attention of any passerby – and for a one-time cost.

Vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps are the true definition of mobile advertising and can be as versatile as the vehicles we apply them to. From cars and SUVs, to a variety of trucks, buses, and even ice resurfacers, AMI Graphics provides vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps solutions specific to your needs.

Simply looking to give a tired paint job a new look? Vehicle wraps are a perfect way to give a new look and new life to an older vehicle on a faster timeline and lower price point than a new coat of paint. We also offer temporary vehicle graphics options that are perfect for special events.

Does your company have a fleet of vehicles? Outfit your fleet with vehicle graphics or vehicle wraps displaying your company’s name, logo, and contact information to create a sleek, uniform look, or take advantage of AMI’s customization abilities and make each vehicle unique.

Vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps are available in full wraps, partial wraps, or smaller graphics that can fit on the doors or windows of your vehicle. These unique auto graphics are a low cost, high impact promotional tool for your business.


Should I do full vehicle wraps or smaller vehicle graphics?

That depends on a lot of things. What kind of impact are you looking to make with your vehicle graphics? Are you looking to use images and design elements, or are you looking to display basic company information or logos? Your budget will also play a part into what you can do. Our experienced Account Managers would be happy to discuss your vehicle graphic or vehicle wrap project in more detail so we can determine the best solution to fit your needs and budget.

Can I use new vehicle graphics to cover old graphics?

It is possible, but we recommend removing the old vehicle graphics and cleaning the surface before applying new vehicle graphics. The material on which vehicle graphics are printed will help to block the old decals from bleeding through. However, when new vehicle wraps are layered over old vehicle graphics, it can cause lumps and bumps under the surface that can create a negative appearance with the new graphics.

Do I have to have a certain vehicle in order to do a full vehicle wrap?

No! We have access to an almost unlimited amount of vehicle templates for vehicle wraps including sedans, wagons, SUVs, pickup trucks, ice resurfacers, and many more. If we aren’t able to get a template for your vehicle, we can still create your vehicle wraps with manually taken vehicle measurements.

Can I install my own vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps?

Yes, you can install your own Vehicle Graphics, but for larger sizes Vehicle Graphics and any size Vehicle Wraps, we strongly recommend using a professional installer. Larger sized Vehicle Graphics and Vehicle Wraps require special equipment to ensure that the graphics are installed properly and will look as good as possible. When discussing your particular needs, our Account Managers will be happy to discuss all installation options with you.


  • Perfect for attention grabbing, mobile advertising on wheels.
  • Promote your company or a sponsor; or give an old paint job new life.
  • Temporary or permanent adhesive options available.
  • Installation services offered by AMI Graphics’ talented installers at your location or our headquarters

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