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Wayfinding signage is an essential part of every facility or event, regardless of size. Patrons, fans, visitors, and participants look for wayfinding signs to get to ticket areas, restrooms, seating sections, concessions, and more.

Wayfinding signs are a functional necessity, but they can also be a great way to expand visual branding throughout your facility or event. Instead of a boring sign with a couple of arrows, directional signage from AMI Graphics can blend functionality and creativity to continue the theme of your facility or event while getting people where they need to go.

Whether your wayfinding signage needs to be indoors or outdoors, temporary or permanent, AMI Graphics has a solution to meet your needs.


Our event moves around to various locations. How can I use the same wayfinding signage when the directions are constantly changing?

To make your wayfinding signs able to change with your event, we can provide arrows separate from the main wayfinding signage that can be changed based on the event. The arrows can be created from a rigid material and attached with hook and loop fasteners or can be created from a material with a temporary adhesive to be added and removed after every event. There are other options as well based upon your specific situation and needs.

I need wayfinding signage for my event but don’t have anywhere to hang it. Do you have freestanding hardware options?

Yes, we have a variety of freestanding hardware options that are suitable for directional signage. From telescoping frames to a number of a-frame options, one of our experienced Account Managers will be able to work with you on your wayfinding signage needs to determine the best solution for you.

We have some pretty extreme weather, how durable are these?

We have wayfinding signage solutions that are suitable for inclement or winter weather. Be sure to let your Account Manager know where the wayfinding signs will be installed and the typical weather conditions, and they can recommend the best material for your situation.


  • Improve traffic flow and guest experience while adding visual appeal.
  • Functional branding or sponsorship opportunity.
  • Multiple material options (temporary or permanent) available based on your needs.




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