February 2018

Boston College - Custom Commencement Backdrops

Enhance Your Special Event with Custom Backdrop Banners

By nature and name, special events are just that. Whether a large fundraising event, special concert, or major lifetime event like a college commencement, these events are important to all involved and should reflect as such in their appearance and atmosphere.

Custom backdrop banners are a simple and easy way to help your special event achieve the desired look, feel, and importance. Depending on the nature of the special event, backdrop banners are perfect branding opportunities for important ceremonies or for showcasing sponsors or featured organizations for fundraising occasions or special concerts.

To take their commencement ceremony to the next level, Boston College used custom backdrops consisting of mesh banners combined with tents and draping. While the tent and draping around the stage would have given the ceremony the formal look that they desired on their own, the branded backdrop banners made a significant contribution to the pomp and circumstance of commencement.

Boston College Custom Commencement Backdrop Banners

For their important indoor special events, UMass Lowell chose to use a branded backdrop banner instead of a blank, solid colored backdrop. This large cloth banner allows UMass Lowell to stage their formal events almost anywhere on campus while still being able to show off their school pride.

UMass Lowell Special Events Cloth Backdrop

At the Head of the Charles Regatta, the largest two-day rowing event in the world, a custom vinyl banner creates the perfect stage backdrop for speakers, presentations, and award ceremonies inside their cavernous white expo tent.

Head of the Charles Regatta Vinyl Stage Backdrop

Custom backdrop banners can be printed on a variety of materials and finished in a multitude of ways to meet the exact needs of your event, venue, and budget. Contact us today to get started.


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Water Country Amusement Park Signage

Amusement Parks and Recreational Facilities: Prepping for the 2018 Season

Some of the largest names in the theme park industry recently announced plans to hit the ground running this year, to try harder and turn around a softer 2017 than many expected in terms of overall attendance and revenue.

So what does this mean to your amusement park or recreation facility, even if you’re not in the same state – or scale – as Six Flags or Sea World?

Pretty much the same thing: it’s even more crucial to find ways to go above and beyond in terms of customer service and guest experience. One way to do that is to freshen up your signage.

While it’s easy to see signage as something purely functional to direct guests to different areas, it also can be a vital component of your attraction’s brand, and a perfect way to communicate positively with your visitors.

Signs let people know where they are or where they need to go, such as different attractions or areas. They tell people where to find basic services, like bathrooms or first aid stations. They alert guests to temporary changes, like a ride that’s closed or a show that’s canceled. They give safety information like required ride height, and help with crowd control by telling people to enter here and exit there.

AMI Graphics is able to help theme parks develop or refine their signage strategy, starting with a sign inventory that assesses the physical condition and/or effectiveness of the existing signage package and recommends ways to improve or enhance it for the new season. These can be done in person via a site visit or remotely using technology. We can then come up with options to refresh or upgrade custom sign solutions to fit any budget.

Here’s why creating a signage strategy can help your attraction make a difference in 2018:

  • Informed guests are happy guests. Signage cuts down on potential confusion for new visitors and even longtime patrons. Knowing where you are and where you’re going keeps everyone positive and satisfied. Though park staff can give directions, many guests may not seek help until they’re already frustrated.
  • New signs provide something new to look at. If a park has had the same signs in the same spot for years, longtime visitors may stop seeing them. But a new sign in a similar area every season can attract attention even if the information on it is pretty similar.
  • New signs look better. A new park map can be more visually appealing than one that has been weather-beaten, sun-bleached or graffitied. A map can also be re-imagined for current design trends - featuring photos of rides; custom cartoons; an extra-large scale; or different colors for different theme areas.
  • Signage reinforces branding. Any message to park guests is an opportunity to communicate the park’s visual identity, even if it’s just basic information. The same font, colors or logo should be used on all signs, or at least stay consistent throughout themed areas. An official mascot/icon can share restrictions about how tall or small riders have to be.
  • Signs may be studied intently. At some parks, the popular rides may have lines that stretch for more than an hour. That means park guests will essentially be doing anything they can to pass the time in line, including reading the same sign over and over and perhaps discussing the message with fellow family members or line-goers.
  • Signs can attract attention. A-frame signs alerting people to important changes or updates can be placed in areas that disrupt normal walking directions, like a main walkway or the entrance to a ride.
  • Signs can be changed. Different circumstances may require different messages, so the ideal sign solutions should be able to be easily changed.

If you’re considering updating your sign solutions for sports facilities or amusement parks before the new season, please contact us to start a conversation about how we can help.

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UCONN Construction Mesh Windscreen Close Up

Cover Up Construction Areas with Signage Solutions

Spring is approaching, which means that construction projects will start ramping up with the nicer weather. As you enter the planning and beginning stages of your construction project, whether it is interior or exterior, it is the perfect time to start thinking about the outward appearance of your construction site.

While very exciting, construction sites are unsightly by nature with equipment, debris, and building materials. It may seem like a daunting task, but adding visual appeal to a construction site is fairly simple with the proper signage solution.

Exterior construction sites are typically required to have a fence surrounding the site for safety and security reasons. This can appear to contribute to unsightliness, but it is actually set up perfectly to use mesh windscreens as a visual improvement. Mesh windscreens, digitally printed flexible and durable mesh PVC material with reinforced edges, are the perfect signage solution for chain link fences surrounding exterior construction sites. Windscreens provide a level of privacy and wind protection to the construction site, while allowing the construction company or owner of the building to promote their brand, preview what is being built, highlight upcoming events, or showcase sponsors to those passing by the site. 

UCONN Construction Mesh Windscreen Large

TD Garden Construction Mesh Windscreen

Mesh windscreens can also be used on a smaller scale to showcase and offer a preview of upcoming construction projects.

UCONN Softball Field Construction Mesh Windscreen Preview

Interior construction sites, such as retail stores or only one section of a building, can require a more creative signage solution depending on whether it is new construction, a full renovation, or a partial renovation. For an interior construction project in one portion of a building that cannot be closed, wall murals on divider walls can add excitement for the new area, provide updates on the project, or be used as a promotional tool. Wall murals also add color and life to what would otherwise be blank and empty wall space. Vinyl or cloth banners can also be used as partitions to provide privacy to the construction area while being visually pleasing to those outside of the construction area. 

On interior construction projects that have windows facing out to the street or another common area, window graphics provide a way to showcase branding and improvements coming to the site while also maintaining privacy and maintaining visual appeal. Window graphics come in opaque options where there is no visibility from one side to the other, or there is an option for one way perforated window film where there is visibility from the inside to the outside and very limited visibility from the outside in.

Capital One Cafe Temporary Construction Window Graphics

While these are a few of the more common signage solutions to cover up construction sites, they are far from the only ones. Custom signage allows us to tailor any signage solution to your exact needs and specifications.


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Put Your Best Foot Forward with Our Road Race Signage Planning Guide

As running and road races become more and more popular, there is an increased need for running events to differentiate themselves from the competition. Event signage is a great way to create an event atmosphere, make it user friendly, and generate additional revenue from sponsorships.

As you begin planning for your 2018 races, let us help you plan for all of your running event signage needs. We have compiled our extensive road race event signage knowledge into a free, interactive, and convenient Road Race Signage Planning Guide. From race staples like start/finish signage and mile markers, to lesser thought of options like street graphics and race or sponsor branded tents, our Road Race Signage Planning Guide will walk you through every area of a running event with event signage ideas that could be implemented at your own race.

We love talking about signage and would be happy to discuss any signage projects that you may want to complete, design a new piece of signage for a specific part of your event, or develop a completely new signage plan for your entire event.

Download our Road Race Signage Planning Guide here and get in touch with us at any time for additional information on our running event signage solutions.

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